The word "blog" is taken from the combination of the two words: "web" and "log." To be included in this category, the website in question must have some kind of online journal or log that is frequently updated. In addition, the website organizational focus must feature the blog. The autistic spectrum spans the continuum from low-functioning people with autism through those with either high-functioning autism or Asperger's Syndrome and everything in-between. Issues relating to and stemming from this subject are to be the main focus of these blogs.

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Adventures in Autism
A mother shares about her young son's trials.
APE - the Asperger Parenting Experience
A parent carefully blogs about the methods used to raise his two children, one of whom has Asperger's Syndrome.
Autism Blog
A parent provides information for parents and teachers that might help a person with autism navigate this world.
The Autism Dad
Chronicles the life of a father of three boys on the spectrum.
Biodiverse Resistance
A blogger who explores the universal parallels shared between autism, disabilities and injustice.
Bubbles Make Him Smile
Weblog written by a mother about her son. Includes the boy's story.
Estée Klar
Written by the mother of an autistic son. Writes about the condition in the area of social justice and law. Provides her published articles and essays.
Go Team Kate
A blog that tells the story of a family dealing with a little girl's autism diagnosis and beyond.
A Journey into Learning
A blog created by the ICT Coordinator and Teacher working with ASD pupils at a Special Needs school in London, UK.
Left Brain/Right Brain
Blog on science and news related to Autism.
Odd One Out
A blogger diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome offers observations and comments on the world around her as well as links concerning the autism spectrum and her own special interests.
The Quirk Factor
A mother of a boy with High-Functioning Autism and Tourette Syndrome humorously details his progress through the world.
Stop. Think. Autism
A mother blogs with an optimistic outlook on the future of her autistic daughter.

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