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Blood Red
Includes general information, alternative coping methods, personal writings, and experiences submitted by visitors.
Crazy Cutter: Catharsis
Personal story and information. [Not suitable for all browsers]
Cut and Dry
Personal story, poetry and a section for visitors to submit experiences.
Dissolving Venus
Biographical and general information, poetry, art, recovery options and links. [Not suitable for all browsers]
Error Due to Perspective
Personal story, general information and advice for friends and family.
Euphoric Oblivion
Personal story, poetry and journal. Includes information for friends and family.
Personal experience of self-injury, eating disorders, depression, and abuse. Includes quotes and poetry.
I Love Self Injury
An alternative view of self injury, covering the most controversial elements without fear, and including a photo library and original poetry.
Leaving Underworld
Aimed at Pagans who self-injure. Information, tips, spells and rituals to help coping with the problem easier.
Make A Difference (Help For People Who Self-Harm)
Created to help people who self-harm. Includes poetry, tips for boosting confidence and personal story.
My Depression Page
Information on self-injury, personal story and alternatives to self-injury.
My Story - Bipolar, Bulimarexia and Selfharm
A site detailing personal struggles with depression, self harm and anorexia. Contains a number of self help pages with useful advice and poetry.
No More Scars
Poetry, personal story and information.
Ragdoll's Candlelit Tunnel
Experience of recovery from self-injury. Includes a section written by author's husband sharing his thoughts and feelings about self-injury, advice and a research paper.
Razor Blade Kisses
About self-injury, including the author's personal story, information, and poetry.
Red Tears
Personal story. Includes journal, poetry, pictures, recommended reading and links.
Self Injury: A Life Long Struggle
Information about self-injury and alternatives. Poetry and personal stories.
Self-Harming and its Effects
Personal account of self-injury and the effect on the author's life.
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