Support groups, usually of peers, offering advice and assistance to people who have eating disorders or their families and friends.

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ACORN Food Dependency Recovery Services
Group of abstinent and recovering food addicts committed to helping other food addicts. Description and schedules for the fee based retreats, primary intensives, workshops and coaching provided in different parts of the United States.
Anorexia On-Line Support Group Network
Allows anorexics and their family members to interact and offer support to each other. Includes personal stories and testimonials and other online support.
boa ยท Bulimia, Overeating & Anorexia (Yahoo Group)
Forum to provide an optimistic outlook on recovery from eating disorders.
Compulsive Eaters Anonymous
CEA-HOW is a fellowship of men and women who meet to share their experience, strength, and hope with one another in order to solve their common problem of compulsive eating.
Connie's ED Lighthouse
Anorexics, bulimics, compulsive overeaters and those who love and care about them are all welcome here. Sharing our experiences, strength and hope as we learn to handle our emotions without turning to the food as our protector.
Dallas Compulsive Eaters Anonymous (CEA-HOW)
Non-profit fellowship for individuals who are recovering from compulsive eating and food addiction. Follows the H.O.W. concept of 12 steps and 12 traditions as a program of recovery. Program description, meetings and events calendar, and chat room.
Eating Disorders Anonymous
Twelve step fellowship which holds meetings in several US states and online to help people to recover from eating disorders. Discussion board, meeting schedules, download EDA Step Workbook (MS Word), link collection, and online publications.
Eating Distress Media Awareness Group
Group of individuals concerned with the coverage of eating disorders in the mass media.
Free of Bulimia II (Yahoo Group)
Christian support group for sufferers of bulimia and anorexia.
Help for youth escape from eating disorders associated with unrealistic expectations and pressures placed on them by models.
The Joy Project
Information, support, and resources for people with eating disorders and those who support them.
Men's Eating Disorders - Online
A place for men with ED to come and share their stories and get the most recent information for help and support.
The One Day at a Time (ODAT) Group
Lists support groups developed from several background areas. Contains message board, meeting groups, and newsletter.
Picky Eating Adults Support
Support and information to people whose lives have been adversely affected by their lifelong picky eating habits.
Scottish Eating Disorder Interest Group
Open to anyone with an interest in eating disorders, with an emphasis on a mix of professional and self-help participation. Links members into a network for care for people with eating disorders.
Sheena's Place
A community based support center in Toronto offering support group programs, outreach/education, and resources for parents and teens. Programs are free of charge.
Wellness Within You
Group of counsellors from the Montreux Counselling Centre which offer counselling (but not medical advice or treatment) to help sufferers of eating disorders to achieve a successful recovery. They offer individual and family counselling and consulting workshops with teleconferencing and online options.
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