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Abandoned Beliefs
History of a woman recovering from Anorexia, thoughts about the role family and friends played in the battle, link list and recovery tools.
Anorexia As Is Pages
Collection of personal stories and poems from people with eating disorders.
Anorexia Songs
A recovered ED sufferer shares her story, music, and pictures from an eating disorder.
Dark Puddles
Touching poems from a young girl suffering from self injury and an eating disorder.
Eating Disorders
A personal web site that provides information and help for those suffering from anorexia and bulimia.
Eating Disorders - Dipsy's World
Written by a sufferer of bulimia to provide support, help and advice to others. Contains information on both anorexia and bulimia, with symptoms, causes, treatment and health risks.
ED Hell
Personal story of recovery from an eating disorder. Information and tips for sufferers, friends and families.
A House of Perfect Chaos
Personal struggle with Eating Disorders and self-inflicted violence.
Judy's Story (Anorexia Nervosa)
A description of the book, Judy's Story. Take a trip through Judy's recovery journey.
Miirage Diary
Weblog describing the struggle with bulimia and anorexia during hospitalization.
Overcoming Anorexia: A Personal Account
Article detailing the characteristics of the author's anorexia and how she overcame it.
Pisces Rising
An honest diary-like portrayal of the struggles of living with an eating disorder, depression, self-injury and alcoholism.
Pumpkin's E.D. Page.
An eating disorder site created by a young girl who suffers from an eating disorder for other young females who suffer from eating disorders.
Quest for Recovery
The story of one girl's journey towards recovery of an eating disorder.
The Recovery Group
Several stories from support group leaders. Also provides meeting information.
Recovery is Possible
A woman's personal journey through recovering from anorexia.

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