This category is for personal homepages or autobiographical pages of individuals with Dissociative Identity Disorder (or multiple personalities). Included are sites that take a traditional, psychiatric perspective (that this is a disorder) and those that take the perspective that multiplicity is simply another way one's mind might be organized.

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Art Odyssey
Using original artworkto deal with sexual trauma and other abuses from a multiple point of view.
Bits And Pieces Of DID/MPD
A traditional perspective for those newly diagnosed DID/MPD. Personal stories, creative poetry enhanced with corresponding articles.
The Collective Misfit
Multiplicity as a way of life. Poetry and pictures.
DID Sanctuary
Contains articles including on switching, headaches and anger.
Julie's MPD Website
Healing the wounds of abuse using art therapy and poetry. Includes links to information about dissociative identity disorder and survivor sites.
Links To The Lives Of The TRP
The TRPss', or Trpsters are a DID/MPD system. They tell about their lives.
Mind Parts
Healing from trauma and dissociation, with insights into the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse, and exploring the healing process.
MPD for We
Celebrates and honours the power and heroism of MPD, DID. Deals with Bipolar Disorder and addictions recovery too.
Shattered Selves
Included are a glossary for MPD terminology, poetry, links and resources, Survivors Web Ring, and information about co-consciousness and child abuse.
The Shire: One Multiple's View of Their Life
"Life as a multiple;" essays, biographies, history, artwork, and poetry.
Troubledkid's MPD/DID page
An inside look at the lives of a multiple system. Humor, poetry, links, awards, and webrings.
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