Attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are neuroldevelopmental conditions. Research indicates that problems producing neurotransmitters in the frontal lobe and limbic portions of the brain may be the cause.

Behaviors include distractibility, lack of impulse control, problems with organizing or sequencing tasks, restlessness, and forgetfulness.

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ADHD ezines
Monthly ADHD ezines sent to you via email.
ADHD Fact File
Provides overview and general recommendations for parents. Includes symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and links to additional articles.
ADHD Owner's Manual
Offers information on educational and behavioral interventions, medication, and tips for teachers. Includes the neurology of ADHD and how it feels to have this disorder.
Collection of articles and information about this disorder, including statistics, diagnostic criteria, education, and treatment. Offers parenting tips newsletter.
Attention Deficit - Hyperactivity Disorder
Guide for parents in understanding and identifying these disorders. Includes what it is, behaviors, treatment, causes, and related articles.
Outside the Box - Helping Misunderstood Kids
Provides research, original articles, personal testimonies and support in order to better help ADHD/special needs kids succeed in school and in life.
Running on Ritalin
Book on Ritalin use in America offers news and research on ADD.
Teaching the ADD Child
Strategies for engaging the ADD child in learning experiences.
Twilight Bridge - ADHD
A guide of articles and webcasts for parents, relatives, and carers of a child suffering from ADHD. It highlights the disease and treatment including both pharmaceutical and behavioral therapy.
Who Put the Ketchup in the Medicine Cabinet?
Offers a humorous look at life with ADHD/inattentive children. Includes types of attention deficit disorders, to-do list for mom, strategies, recommended reading, newsletters, and articles.
The Whole Child/Adolescent Center
Introductory description of the terms, causes, and treatment.

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