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Sites which offer counseling services for people suffering from grief, loss, or bereavement.

Grief is the pain, misery, anguish, suffering, or distress caused by bereavement.

Loss occurs as a result of losing a possession, a person, or can be caused by deprivation or a change of circumstance. Losses can occur through the death of a child, a spouse, a friend, hero, leader, or relative.

Bereavement is caused by loss, especially the loss of a loved one. A loss of position in the community, dignity, security, or reputation can result in feelings of bereavement.

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Association for Death Education and Counseling ( U.S.)
Multi-disciplinary professional organization, death education, bereavement counseling, and care of the dying. Calendar of events, certification program, conferences, and forum.
Cairns Grief Counseling and Support
Online counselling with chat and group discussions with caring, compassionate, understanding people.
Comfort Zone Camp
A non-profit bereavement camp for children, providing free weekend camps for children who have lost family members.
Cruse Bereavement Care
Has someone died? Cruse can help with support, counselling, education, advice and information. Counsellors available by phone or email. Located in Scotland.
Diana Nash Bereavement Counseling
Offering personal counseling services and corporate employee assistance by Diana Nash, M.A., CT. Also gives the twelve signs of bereavement burn-out. New York location.
A non profit organization offering residential workshops for persons working through issues of grief and loss as well as survivors of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.
Finkleman Communications Ltd.
Counselling, workshops, seminars, and books related to psychodynamics and coping with personal loss.
Grief and Loss Counselling Online
Offers comfort and support to everyone free of fees and charges. Chats and message boards.
The Heartlight Center
A not for profit organization providing grief support to individuals in the Denver metro area, as well as professional training and support to professionals providing bereavement support. Find details about the programs, and contact information. Denver, Colorado.
The Institute for the Study and Treatment of Loss
Therese A. Rando, PHD. Clinical psychologist, thanatologist, and traumatologist located in Warwick, Rhode Island who is the author of several books on grief. Features services, bibliography, and professional biography.
J. Worth Kilcrease
Offering end of life and bereavement counseling in Austin, Texas. Includes an introduction, the services offered and contact information.
Kids' Haven: A Center for Grieving Children
Located in Lynchburg, Virginia. Find details about the programs, a FAQs, events and staff information.
North Shore Child Family Guidance Center
Located in Nassau County, Long Island (NY). Works with kids who need help, ranging from depression and anxiety, developmental delays, school failure, and substance abuse to family crises stemming from illness, death, trauma, and divorce. Includes a history, and details about the programs and services.
The Sanctuary
Providing direct service, education and outreach for children, families, communities and businesses after the death of a family member, colleague or friend. Locations in New York and New Jersey.
Share Grief
For people mourning the loss of a loved one. Online grief counseling can help people get through this difficult time from the comfort and privacy of their own home.
Sunrise at Midnight
Grief recovery specialists providing resources, education, training and certification for adults and children to deal with any loss or change. Tennessee based.
Supporting Kidds
A center for supporting and educating bereaved children, their families and the larger community in which they live. Find details about the programs which include bereavement and educational support groups, speakers bureau and educational presentations. Hockessin, Delaware.
World Trade Center's Disaster Victims Crisis Counseling
Telephone counseling for loss and grief issues.
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