Sensory Integration is an interruption in the ability to assimilate our senses into our learning environment. Children may exhibit overly sensitive reactions to noises, touch, taste, smells, and sight. Sensory Integration therapy has proven to be successful with children who are tactile defensive. Some mental health clients have special issues that are barriers to productive work with a therapist. Many of these barriers have to do with sensory overload or sensory deprivation. For example, a person with oral sensory overload may not be able to handle eating and drinking without a great deal of stress and panic. If that person becomes anorexia, for instance, the first step may be therapy to reduce the oral sensory overload, to bring down the stress and panic level of eating.

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Henry Occupational Therapy Services, Inc.
Focuses on sensory integration issues. Provides a range of services, from school kits and national workshops, to individual sessions. Photo gallery showing some of the techniques of sensory integration. Links provided for more information, staff information, workshop schedules, and external links.
Children's Disability Information - Sensory Integration
How to help children with sensory integration dysfunction, including tactile and oral defensiveness, pain tolerance and mealtime issues. Discussion lists, articles, and research.
International Snoezelen Association
An originally Dutch concept in which an indoors environment is created mainly to provide comfort by using controllable stimuli. [English and German].
Lay and Professional Articles
A series of articles written by parents and professionals on some of the most pressing issues for these children. Links to additional resource sites included.
Mike Ayres Design
Design, manufacture, and installation of multi-sensory environments, sensory studios, soft play rooms, and equipment for people of all ages with special needs.
New Visions
Provides clinical services to families who desire an intensive family-oriented evaluation and therapy program for their infants and children with feeding, swallowing, oral-motor, and pre-speech problems.
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Information and specific tips for helping children with problems like autism, ADHD and over-sensitivity.
Sensory Technology Ltd UK
Design and Installation of specialist sensory equipment for use in Sensory Rooms, Gardens and Bespoke Spaces. Used throughout education and care homes.
Therapy in Praxis Limited
A private assessment and treatment therapy service in North Yorkshire, for children with Dyspraxia, Autism, DCD, ADHD, ADD, using sensory integration.
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