Most mental health clients are sufficiently gifted with the ability to write, and can be helped to express themselves by asking them to write poetry or do creative writing. All mental health clients can learn to express themselves by journaling, which only requires that the client knows how to write simply. Journaling is often done by simply sitting down with a 15 minute timer and writing whatever comes to mind, even if it is just "I don't know what to write. I ..."

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National Association for Poetry Therapy
Information on poetry, conferences, membership, training and development, committees, publications, NAPT foundation, government affairs, regional events, books, and links.
The Center for Journal Therapy
Includes bookstore, library, training, workshops, consultation, an article on the power of writing, the poem of the month, links, resources, and information on the founder, Kathleen Adams.
Create Write Now
Provides free lessons in starting a journal for self-expression, and includes articles, testimonials, and details of a CD to purchase.
The Creative "Righting" Center
A center that provides seminars, training, peer groups, and individual therapy in poetry. Links to the facilitator, Sherry Reiter, at Hofstra University.
Jennifer Johnson Creative
Jennifer teaches mindful writing and photography.
Sue Meyn, M.C., Professional Journal Coach.
Contains articles, annotated links, and book reviews about journal and memoir writing as well as information about how and why creativity heals. Email list.
Pongo Teen Writing
Writing therapy and poetry publishing with teens in jail, street youth, adolescent psychiatric patients, and other teens leading difficult lives.
The Progoff Intensive Journal Program
Developed in 1966 by Dr. Ira Progoff, workshop programs have given writers a method to spur their creativity and thereby enhance their writing process.
Transformative Language Arts Network
The TLA Network supports individuals and organizations in promoting the written word as a tool for transformation and well-being.
Writing to Heal, Writing to Grow
Therapeutic writing courses to examine and understand life's events.
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