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Information about medications used for their effect on brain function; e.g., psychiatric medications.

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APA Division of Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse
The APA's page dedicated to drugs, medication and substance abuse. An online newsletter, public policy advisories, action alerts, web resources.
APA Psychiatric Medications Overview
APA article and resources regarding psychiatric medications.
Basic Psychopharmacology of Antidepressants
How do antidepressants work? TCAs, SSRIs, RIMAs, psychopharmacological options and choices, Bupropion Amineptine, Reboxetine, Nefazodone, Mirtazapine, Venlafaxine Antidepressants, Tranylcypromine, medication for Atypical Depression and Retarded Depression .
Crazy Meds - Mental Illness With an Attitude
A guide to psychiatric medications from first-hand experience, anecdotal evidence and personal research.
Depression Drugs Blog
The effects of various antidepressant drugs.
Drugs, Brains and Behavior
Textbook of behavioral pharmacology, by C. R. Timmons and L. W. Hamilton, freely available in its entirety.
The Good Drug Guide
Mood-brighteners and antidepressants - pharmacological abstracts, couched in an unorthodox life philosophy.
The Neuropsychopharmacology of Personality Disorders
Article regarding the neuropsychopharmacology of personality disorders.
Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute: Psychopharmacology
Psychopharmacology - the Study of Psychiatric Drugs: research abstracts, recommended reading,ethics, geriatric psychopharmacology, recreational drugs, forensics, neuropsychiatry and links.
Paraklesis Counselling
Counselling services by Dr Mervin van der Spuy. Offers professional pharmacological informed psychotherapy and specializing in helping people with medication related counselling issues.
Pharmacology Corner
Illustrated tutorials on basic concepts in pharmacology and psychopharmacology. Features videos and animations on different types of drug classes and their mechanism of action.
Psychiatric Drug Facts
Peter R. Breggin, M.D., presents his views about the potential dangers of SSRIs, psychostimulants, benzodiazepines, antipsychotic drugs, electroshock, and other treatments. Books available for sale.
Psychopharmacology Institute
Articles and psychopharmacology video lectures by Dr.Flavio Guzman for healthcare professionals.
Psychopharmacology Links
Links to information on specific psychiatric medications and to psychopharmacological web sites.Maintained by the Northern County Psychiatric Association.
Psychopharmacology Tips
These tips are just that -- tips -- and not (with some exceptions) the results of scientific studies. They should not be construed as providing diagnosis, medical advice, or treatment.
Psychopharmacology Update Notes
Analyses of the comparative effectiveness, side effects and toxicity of psychotropic drugs with emphases on serotonin syndrome and monoamine oxidase inhibitors.
Wikipedia: Psychopharmacology
Article introducing the history of the subdiscipline, research, psychoactive drugs and psychiatric medication, compiled by the public.
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