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Andrea Bandfield, MD, Psychiatrist
A private psychiatrist in Greenville, South Carolina. Provides credentials and office details.
Austen Riggs Psychiatric Hospital
Non-profit hospital in Stockbridge, Massachusetts specializing in psychotherapeutic treatment. Website gives information about admissions, treatment, research, donation, and publications. Contact information for media, alumni, and patients is also provided.
Birmingham Counseling Center, P.C.
Lists services provided, insurances accepted, and types of patients treated. Birmingham, Michigan.
Bolen, Jean S. , M.D.
Jungian analyst and author, focusing on woman's issues. Practice in California.
Bracken Mental Health
A Garland, Texas psychiatric practice that focuses on medication management. The website offers basic information about the office, forms, and financial information. Contact information is also present.
BrainStim, L.L.C.
Delray Beach, Florida practice that provides treatment with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). For depression and substance abuse Information about the usage and safety of TMS, along with practice contact information and links are provided.
Browne, David A., M.D.
Located in Petaluma, Novato, and Bel Marin Keys, California. Website gives basic information about the doctor's training, services, and clinical approach. Some contact information is listed.
Bruce Welch, M.D.
St. Petersburg, Florida specialist in forensic, addiction, and general psychiatry. Site includes a personal and professional history, office photographs, contact information, and directions.
Buckeye Psychiatry
A Dublin, Ohio based psychiatric practice. Site contains information about the psychiatrist, the philosophy of the practice and the types of conditions treated, links to local support groups, and a blog.
The Center for Family Psychiatry
Multi-disciplinary child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry practice located in Tyrone, Georgia. Lists information about the practice, the staff, and the doctors, FAQs, forms, and links to relevant sites. Also has a glossary and photo gallery.
Child and Adult New York Psychiatrist
Adult, child, and adolescent psychiatrist located in Forest Hills Gardens, New York. Website lists services available for both adults and children, some biographical information about the doctor, and contact information.
Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill
Practice based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Information about the doctor, her training and publications, services offered, fees, and office policies are provided. Also provides a link to forms, the doctor's blog and information about several common psychiatric issues .
Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare of Central Florida, LLC
Practice located in Celebration, Florida offering information about psychiatric, substance abuse, forensic, and urgent services available. Also offers information about the doctor, patient forms, and contact information.
Comprehensive Psychiatric Associates
Psychiatrists and other providers in Gladstone, Missouri. Information about the practice, types of services and treatment offered, both inpatient and outpatient, policies regarding medication refills, links to forms and additional resources
Connecticut Psychiatric & Wellness Center
New Haven, Connecticut Psychiatric practice's website gives information about the psychiatrist, staff, directions, contact information, and links to several articles.
David Brendel, M.D.
Psychiatrist located in Belmont, Massachusetts, specializing in treatment of patients with many different psychiatric disorders. His website offers practice information, materials, and information for doctors, patients, and media. Contact information is also included.
David D. Kaminester, MD
Concord, Massachusetts-based psychiatrist. Information about the doctor, types of psychotherapies practiced, and how to contact the office.
Provides a description of this Seattle based practice and includes mental health care information and discussions.
Degan J. Dansereau M.D.
New Orleans psychiatrist. Provides links to information about several types of mental illness, his curriculum vitae, and the ability to make appointments online.
Doonam Kim, M.D.
A New York City based psychiatrist. Lists credentials, information about his clinical and forensic psychiatric practice.
Elite Psychiatry
Alpharetta, Georgia psychiatrist giving information about his training and his practice. Contact information and patient forms are available online. Patients can schedule their appointments online.
Fairmount Behavioral Health System
Psychiatric inpatient facility located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Information given about the facility, it's programs, patient satisfaction surveys, bed availability, contact information.
Family Psychiatry
Practice located in Westlake Village, California, whose website gives contact information, an introduction to the doctor, a list of conditions treated, and fee information.
Fenton, Anne, M.D.
Psychiatric practice of Dr. Anne Fenton in Wellesley, Massachusetts, offering services to children, adolescents, and adults.
Frederick Y. Huang, M.D.
Psychiatrist in the Presidio Heights district of San Francisco. Information about his education, training, professional memberships, and the types of treatment that are offered. A map to the office and a frequently asked questions page are also included.
Hayden, Charles M.D.
A brief site giving information about the psychiatrist working at the Asbury Child and Family Counseling Center, in Madison, Alabama.
Hellerstein, David , M.D.
General psychiatrist and author. Links to several articles and book excerpts. NYC, NY.
Highlands Behavioral Health System
Psychiatric inpatient facility located in Littleton, Colorado offering information about treatment for children, adolescents, and adults, in the inpatient, outpatient, and partial hospital settings. Website gives information about admissions and contact information.
Inner Illuminations, L.L.C.
R. Robert Eskuchen, Jr., M.D. provides information about his practice, policies, fees, and location.
Insightful Minds, Inc.
Newport Beach, California practice. Describes types of services available to children, adolescents, and adults, including the conditions that are treated. Directions, contact information, and background information on the doctor are also provided.
Ivan L. Mazzorana Jr., M.D.
Ft. Myers, Florida-based psychiatrist whose website offers information about the services provided, brief biographies of the staff, financial policies, forms, and contact information.
John Zebrun, M.D.
Northampton, Massachusetts psychiatric practice. Site provides information about the doctor, practice philosophy, contact information, and helpful external links. There is also information for referring physicians.
Kelly Cowan, M.D.
Psychiatrist located in the San Antonio, Texas area specializing in Adult & Geriatric Psychiatry, Dementia, & Alzheimer's Disease. The website offers information about the doctor, her speciality, contact information for physicians and patients, and a brief biography of the doctor.
Kira Stein, M.D.
Los Angeles, California general and reproductive medicine psychiatrist whose web site reviews her practice philosophy and therapeutic approaches, as well as provides general information about psychiatric illness and treatments.
Kuhn, Nat, M.D.
Psychiatry practice located in Belmont, Massachusetts, specializing in short-term psychotherapy and medication treatment.
Lymberis, Maria, M.D.
A Los Angeles forensic psychiatrist who also practices privately: psychotherapy with medication treatment. The website offers information about the doctor, forensic and the private psychiatric practice, qualifications of the doctor, and contact information.
Marsella, Gregory, M.D.
Boca Raton, Florida-based practitioner's website offers curriculum vitae of the psychiatrist, and information about his clinical trials and Neurostar rTMS treatment. A contact form is also present.
Michigan Integrative Psychiatry, P.C.
Ann Arbor, Michigan psychiatric practice giving brief information about the practice, a welcome letter, patient forms, and directions to the office.
Pappagallo, Mia, M.D.
New York City-based psychiatrist's website gives information about the doctor, the services she provides, and financial policy information.
Psychiatric Associates of Atlanta
Psychiatric practice in Atlanta, Georgia. Lists information about available services for attorneys interested in competency, the insanity defense, criminal responsibility, and other medical legal issues. Also lists information for prospective patients, including forms and links to news about mental health.
Ralph Bharati, M.D.
Multidisciplinary practice located in Wichita, Kansas. Site gives information about the practitioners, locations, services, and includes a patient area to access clinical forms.
The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt
Located in Baltimore, Maryland. Information about the facility, its history, location, and types of treatments offered.
Rex Moody, M.D.
Psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. His website offers information about his practice. This includes a description of his philosophy of treatment, his background, contact information, an information about fees.
Riverview Psychiatric Medicine, P.C.
Poughkeepsie, New York-based psychiatric practice's website provides information about the practice, staff, and treatment-resistant depression. Contact information and forms are also provided.
Robin Shapiro, M.D.
Chicago-based psychiatrist gives information about the services she provides, her background and training, fees, and contact information.
Sandhya Prashad, M.D.
Psychiatrist located in Bellaire, Texas whose practice focuses on general and women's reproductive health psychiatry. Her website offers information about services available, contact information, and resources.
Schwartz, Paul, M.D.
West Chester, Ohio psychiatrist and psychotherapist. His website gives information about the psychiatrist, including information about the type of psychiatry and psychotherapy he practices. Website also includes contact information and information about the doctor's background.
Scottsdale Behavioral Health, L.L.C.
Psychiatric practice in Scottsdale, Arizona. Information about the psychiatrists, services provided, contact information, and links to resources. Downloadable forms are also provided.
Scottsdale Mental Healthcare
Scottsdale, Arizona psychiatrist whose website gives information and contact numbers for the doctor, information about various types of mental illness, and useful links.
Sierra Vista Hospital
Psychiatric hospital, located in Sacramento, California. Website gives information about types of treatment provided, patients treated, employment opportunities, contact information, and a link to the Jason Foundation.
Solstice Psychiatric Consulting, P.C.
Psychiatrist located in New York City specializing in the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, addictions, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and issues involving the workplace.
Spectrum Psychiatry
Vivek Agnihotri, M.D. and Zinia Thomas, M.D. practicing in St. Louis, Missouri. Includes FAQ, forms and credentials.
Stephen Sobel, M.D.
San Diego, California psychiatrist's site listing information about his practice, his curriculum vitae, services provided, patient forms, and a listing of the insurance plans with which he participates. Also includes links, directions, and comments by other mental health practitioners about the doctor.
Steven K. Hoge, M.D.
Forensic psychiatrist located in New York City, New York. Gives an extensive listing of services available, biographical information about the doctor, peer-reviewed publications, and contact information.
Thuy D. Rotunda, M.D
Lists services offered, testimonials, resources, policies and information about appointments and fees for services. Patient forms may also be downloaded. Newport Beach, California.
TMS Health and Wellness
A psychiatric practice specializing in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS Therapy. The website offers extensive information about the procedure, along with fees, and contact information. Located in Lakewood, California.
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of Westchester New York
Website about practice specializing in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, located in Bedford Hills, New York. The website offers information about the doctor and staff, depression, and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Contact information is also provided.
Troy, Benjamin, M.D.
Mishawaka, Indiana-based child and adolescent practice. Website includes information about Dr. Troy, location information, and links to relevant websites and articles.
Tse, Jeanie, M.D.
New York City-based psychiatrist who practices privately with adults, teens, and children. Her website gives information about these areas, the background of the doctor, and contact information.
Union Square TMS Center
New York City-based psychiatric practice offering information about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment. Website offers information about psychiatric disorders, insurance coverage information, and contact information.
Vinh Q. Thai, M.D.
Psychiatry practice of Dr. Vinh Thai, located in Palo Alto California. Gives background information, practice specialization, contact, and location information. Also includes the doctor's blog.
Wight Care Clinic
Rockford, Illinois based psychiatric clinic. Information about the psychiatrist and his clinic, links to several sources of information, and contact information for the clinic.
Winner Psychiatry
Site lists credentials of and information about Joel Winner, M.D., psychiatrist in Boulder, Colorado. Site also includes types of patients that are treated, payment policies, and contact information.
Yitzhak Shnaps, M.D.
Psychiatric practice located in Skillman, New Jersey. Site gives information about the doctor, services available, contact information, links to other resources, and a blog.
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