These institutions usually offer specialized training for physicians. They may also offer research opportunities, training for related health professionals, online courses, and regular meetings.

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Cambridge University : Pathology
Information about administration, research interests and teaching programmes.
Cornell : Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Provides teaching for medical students as well as academic research, clinical pathology and consulting services. Includes program and outreach information and a hematopthology tutorial.
Dalhousie University : Pathology
Information about residency, masters' and doctoral programs and details of faculty interests.
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center : Pathology
This faculty in New Hampshire provides monthly case histories and illustrated lectures.
Eastern Virginia Medical School : Pathology and Anatomy
Offers courses for medical, physician assistant, and graduate students in gross anatomy, histology, neuroscience, and pathology. Information on programs, facilities and research.
George Washington University : Pathology
Offers programs for medical students and degree courses in clinical laboratory science. Includes staff biographies and course information.
Johns Hopkins University : Pathology
Details are given of research projects, courses and programs. Grand Rounds, tutorials and conferences can be viewed or downloaded.
New York University : Pathology
Information about education and research activities.
Nottingham University : Pathology
Provides undergraduate teaching and research into neurodegenerative diseases and the pathology and clinical management of patients with breast cancer.
Thomas Jefferson University : Pathology, Anatomy and Cell Biology
Offers doctoral programs in pathology and teratology, as well as undergraduate courses for the medical school. Includes details of research projects and faculty profiles.
Tulane University : Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Providing medical and graduate courses as well as cliniical laboratory services. Details of programs and staff, a conference calendar and information on testing facilities.
University of Alberta : Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
Providing courses for students in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing and Rehabilitation Medicine. Details of teaching and research programs.
University of Arkansas : Pathology
Offers fellowship and residency programs and undergraduate teaching through the medical school. Course details, research information and staff profiles.
University of California, San Francisco : Departments of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Offering residency, fellowship and programs, plus clinical and consultative services.
University of Cincinnati : Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Providing undergraduate and graduate teaching and consultative services. Details of courses, research projects and staff.
University of Florence : Clinical Physiopathology
Providing teaching and research for the Faculty of Medicine. Information on current courses and scientific achievements. In Italian and English.
University of Florida : Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine
Offering residency and graduate programs as well as research and fellowships. Course details, staff profiles and events calendar.
University of Harvard : Pathology
Offering training within the Medical School as well as research in the fields of neuropathology and cancer. Includes program details and seminar information.
University of Iowa : Pathology
Providing education, research and clinical laboratory services. Conference schedules, details of grand rounds and residency programs.
University of Leicester : Pathology
Offering undergraduate courses and research programmes. Details of current projects and staff, plus interactive museums and activities.
University of Melbourne : Pathology
Involved in the teaching of medical, dental, science, optometry and physiotherapy students. Information on courses, research laboratories and administration.
University of Michigan : Pathology
Overview of research and educational programs, including point of care testing information, conference calendar and faculty details.
University of Nebraska : Pathology and Microbiology
Information about clinical services, education, research and seminars.
University of Oxford : Pathology
History ( including the discovery of penicillin ), services provided, student information and a seminar calendar.
University of Pittsburgh : Pathology
Educational information, online courses, a case of the month, databases and resources.
University of Rochester : Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Course material ( including lecture notes and images ), research information and conference details.
University of Southern California : Pathology
Offers undergraduate, residency and research programs as well as diagnostic laboratory services. Information on education, training, clinical activities and research.
University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine : Pathology
Overview of programs, clinical laboratory and staff, including the Regional Forensic Center.
University of Texas : Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Information about courses and research is provided, as well as online teaching modules, webcams and photographs.
University of Texas Medical Branch: Pathology
Offering residency and graduate programs as well as research and fellowships. Faculty and student profiles. Events calendar and news.
University of Vermont : Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Offering education, research and training programs as well as diagnostic services. Details of courses, conferences, staff and publications.
University of Virginia : Pathology
Providing a laboratory handbook as well as details of staff, courses and research.
University of Washington : Pathology
Contains information on clinical, research, teaching and training activities and includes short profiles of faculty and their areas of work.
University of Wisconsin : Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Provides undergraduate and graduate courses as well as research and residency programs. Teaching details, staff profiles and seminar information.
Virginia Commonwealth University : Pathology
Providing clinical, research, and teaching services. Details of research programs and clinical laboratories, with information on grand rounds.
Wake Forest University : Pathology
Educational programs include graduate degrees, professional training, residencies, and fellowships. Also includes information on research projects and clinical laboratory services.
Washington University: Pathology and Immunology
Information on residency training and clinical fellowships.
Yale University : Pathology
Offering programmes for post-doctoral fellows, medical and graduate student, as well as diagnostic anatomic pathology services and research. Course details, meetings calendar and live video microscopy.
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