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Alexian Brothers Neurosciences Institute
Treats Alzheimer, memory loss, Parkinsons, multiple sclerosis, stroke, epilepsy and brain tumors. Elk Grove, Illinois.
Barrow Neurological Institute
Barrow is an internationally renowned medical center for brain and spine diseases, disorders and injuries; offering patient care, medical education and research. Phoenix, Arizona, US.
Baylor College of Medicine
Includes research and programs for neurological disorders. Information on Residency Programs, Clinics and current research projects. In Houston, TX.
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Information on the teaching programs, research and patient care at the Center. The 'Doctor's Bag' link is a bulletin board type of forum for readers to ask questions of experts of the Department of Neurology. (Boston, MA)
Boston Medical Center
Clinical programs, Neurology Residency Program and teaching activities information. The programs in research, training and patient care include the world-renowned Aphasia Research Center. (MA)
Brigham and Women's Hospital Website
Information for patients, the general public, health care professionals and researchers from the Department of Neurology.
Brown University
Information on subspecialties, residency programs, news and educational material.
Case-Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Lists basic information on faculty ranks, clinical centers, oculomotor conference site, and the Myasthenia Gravis and Autonomic Centers.
Harvard University Neurobiology Department
Information about Parkinson's disease, online patient and caregiver services, programs and partnerships.
Institute for Neurological Research
Clinical details from this group which is studying the use of new biopharmaceutical medications to treat sciatica, Alzheimer's disease, and other neurological disorders.
Mayo Graduate School of Medicine
Information on residency and fellowship programs.
Mount Sinai Hospital: Cerebrovascular Center
Providing information on brain tumors, epilepsy, and Parkinson's disease.
Neurochirurgie nijmegen
Neurosurgical department of the university hospital st. Radboud, Nijmegen, the Netherlands [English/Dutch]
The Neurological Institute of New York at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center
Information on residency, cases and fellowships in neurosurgery and neurology.
Neurology Department at the Langone Medical Center
Includes research, fellowship, and residency information.
Ohio State University Department of Neurology
The online resource for Neurology at the University.
Parkinson's and Movement Disorder Institute
Dedicated to the research, education, and treatment of neurological disorders affecting movement.
The Smell and Taste Center
The University of Pennsylvania NIH-supported Center devoted to the study and treatment of smell and taste disorders.
Southern Illinois University - Neurology
Provides state-of-the-art care for persons afflicted with disease of the brain and nervous system.
Stanford School of Medicine Neurology and Neurological Sciences
Offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment of adults and children with neurological disorders. Stanford, California.
Temple University
Areas of Specialities, Resident and Fellowship program information of the School of Medicine, Neurology Department. (Philadelphia, PA)
UC Davis Medical Investigation of Neurological Disorders (MIND) Institute
Information about the Institute, medical research, education and treatment, news and events and related links. Located in Sacramento, California.
University of Chicago
Physicians, medical students, and patients can get information about the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases and disorders.
University of Kuopio
General and scientific information about the Department of Neuroscience and Neurology.
University of Louisville
Information on residents, student affairs, and patient support groups.
University Of Oklahoma
Program in neurology information, clinical divisions, residency and fellow programs and research conducted by the department.
University of Virginia
Information on research and treatment for disorders affecting the nervous system.
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Research in the neurosciences, provides educational programs to students, residents and fellows in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders.
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Department of Neurology
Expertise in a wide variety of neurological disorders.
Wallace-Kettering Neuroscience Institute
Provides advanced diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic neuroscience services. Dayton, Ohio.
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