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Donor registries for bone marrow and cord blood.

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Anthony Nolan
UK stem cell register that enables leukaemia patients who need a stem cell, bone marrow or cord blood transplant to find a match. Includes information on how members of the public can join the register or help in other ways.
Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry
Nonprofit organization recruits non-relative volunteer donors for bone marrow transplant, especially among ethnic Armenians. Mission, history, slide show of questions and answers. How to help.
Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry
A computerized registry of volunteer donors for patients without a compatible sibling for Bone Marrow Transplant.
Bone Marrow Donors Registry (REDMO)
A service of the FundaciĆ³ Josep Carreras, this is the official registry for bone marrow donors in Spain. Seeks volunteer donors of bone marrow and cord blood. Conducts searches for compatible unrelated donors.
Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide
A project for the collection of the HLA phenotypes of volunteer bone marrow donors and cord blood units, and for the coordination of their worldwide distribution.
Czech National Marrow Donors Registry
Czech organization provides recruitment, examination and registration of donors for bone marrow transplants to patients with leukemia, cancer and other life-threatening diseases.
Aims to develop a database of cell lines and DNA drawn from over 500 bone marrow or cord blood transplants across Europe.
Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation
Registry of volunteer donors of bone marrow, blood stem cells, and cord blood, mostly ethnic Jews (Ashkenazi). Based in the United States, will help find a match worldwide. Information for patients and prospective donors.
Italian Bone Marrow Donor Registry
National organization searches for unrelated volunteer donors and maintains tissue typing registry. Manual, fee schedule, and forms. [Italian and English]
Karaiskakio Foundation
Nonprofit organization. Operates the Cyprus Bone Marrow Donor Registry. Basic information in English, much more detailed explanation in Greek.
National Marrow Donor Program
Provides marrow transplants in the United States from volunteer unrelated donors to patients with leukemia, aplastic anemia and other potentially life-threatening blood diseases.
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