Andrology is defined as the branches of science and medicine dealing with reproductive functions of the male under physiological and pathological conditions. This category contains sites with information about andrological units of clinics and andrological practices

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Andrology Institute of America
The institute, together with the Kentucky Center for Reproductive Medicine and IVF (KCRM), provide complete services to infertility couples by evaluating and treating both the male and female partners.
Andrology Laboratory - University of Illinois, Chicago
The University Andrology Laboratory provides physicians and their patients with all forms of male infertility testing, as well as operating a patient sperm banking program, a direct/known donor banking program and a donor sperm program.
Andromeda Andrology Center Hyderabad (India)
Information about India's first andrology center and its offers in the field of impotence and infertility diagnostics and treatment.
Bruce R. Gilbert, M.D.,Ph.D.,PC
Private urology practice specializing in male fertility, male sexual function and acupuncture.
California Vasectomy & Reversal Center - Dr. Edward Karpman
Dr. Edward Karpman offers information regarding success, cost, technique and alternatives to vasectomy and vasectomy reversals and IVF/ICSI.
Center for Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery
At Cornell University Weill Medical College. Provides the most updated information and success rates for vasectomy reversal, no-scalpel vasectomy, varicocelectomy, testicular and epididymal sperm retrieval; treatment of obstructive and non-obstructive azoospermia for male infertility.
Center for Male Reproductive Medicine, Los Angeles
Provides diagnosis and treatment of male reproductive problems including impotence, vasectomy reversal, sperm aspiration and varicocele repair.
The Fertility Center of Las Vegas
A center specialized in male and female infertility and in vitro fertilization provides patient-oriented information.
Michael Werner, M.D.
Urologist with a private practice in sexual dysfunction and infertility. Includes practitioner biography, clinic details, and list of services. Located in New York and Connecticut.
Minnesota Men's Health Center, Saint Paul
Provides treatment for male infertility and impotence; also provides vasectomies and microsurgical vasectomy reversals with a refund if sperm is not restored to the ejaculate.
Vasectomy Reversal
Information about vasectomy reversal success rates, procedure details, options and alternatives.
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