For sites concerning the application of EBM principles to the practice of Occupational Medicine.

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ACOEM - Evidence Based Statements: Occupational & Environmental Medicine
Guidelines in OEM (occupational and environmental medicine).
Asthma in the workplace: a case-based discussion and review of current evidence
Explores and reviews the evidence for the relationship between asthma and the workplace in the form of a clinical practice scenario with real-time commentary about management decisions in evidence-based practice. [2013]
Bronchial asthma and COPD due to irritants in the workplace - an evidence-based approach
Overview of the evidence related to irritative agents causing occupational asthma or occupational COPD. [2013]
A compendium of causative agents of occupational asthma
An evidence-based assessment and compendium of allergenic and irritant agents known to cause occupational asthma, with the goal of improving diagnostics and disease management. [2013]
Concise guidance: diagnosis, management and prevention of occupational asthma
Guideline for the prevention, identification and management of occupational asthma, from the British Occupational Health Research Foundation (BOHRF). [2012]
Effectiveness of occupation-based interventions to improve areas of occupation and social participation after stroke: an evidence-based review
A systematic review identifying, evaluating, and synthesizing the evidence for the effectiveness of post-stroke activity- and occupation-based interventions for improving areas of occupation and social participation. [2015]
Evidence based medicine in physical medicine and rehabilitation
Exploration of the significance of evidence-based medicine in physical medicine and general rehabilitation. [2013] [PDF]
Evidence Based Practice - Physical Therapy
EBM resources from the World Confederation for Physical Therapy.
Evidence-based guidelines: occupational contact dermatitis and urticaria
Critical discussion of available systematic reviews on occupational contact dermatitis, especially that from the British Occupational Health Research Foundation (BOHRF). [2010]
Database of abstracts of systematic reviews, randomized controlled trials, and critical appraisals in occupational therapy. With detailed EBM tutorial.
A project of the Centre of Evidence-Based Physiotherapy (Cochrane Collaboration), this is a searchable database of randomized controlled trials, systematic reviews and practice guidelines in physiotherapy.
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