For sites concerning the application of EBM principles to the practice of Dermatology.

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Centre for Evidence-Based Dermatology
Comprehensive resources, links and tools in evidence-based dermatology, from the University of Nottingham.
Centre of Evidence-based Dermatology
Summarizes the current state of evidence-based treatment knowledge in dermatology; includes online EBM tutorial.
A comprehensive evidence-based review on the role of topicals and dressings in the management of skin scarring
Literature review coupled with an analysis of levels of evidence (LOE) for each published treatment of skin scarring. [2015]
Effective and evidence-based management strategies for rosacea: summary of a Cochrane systematic rev
Systematic review assessing the evidence for the efficacy and safety of treatments for rosacea. Updated and based on a Cochrane review. [2011]
European Evidence-based (S3) Guidelines for the Treatment of Acne
Guideline to help health care professionals provide optimal therapy to patients with acne of any severity, and to reduce serious adverse events and scarring. From the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology. [2012]
Evidence-Based Interventions for Radiation Dermatitis
Evidence-based review for the prevention and management of radiodermatitis, with discussion of gaps in the literature, as well as opportunities for research, education, and practice. [2011]
Evidence-based medicine must reign in dermatology
An editorial warning of the excess use of non-evidence-based modalities - including anecdotal data - for selecting therapies in current dermatological practice.
Keloid Disorder - Encylopedic Information Website is an evidence based Keloid Treatment and Information website about Keloid Disorder.
Psoriasis Vulgaris: An Evidence-Based Guide for Primary Care
Comprehensive, literature-based review of the epidemiology, genetic factors, clinical diagnosis, treatments, and pharmacology for psoriasis. [2013]
Strengths and limitations of evidence-based dermatology
Critical examination of the advantages and potential disadvantages of evidence-based methdology in dermatology practice, including the limitations of its constituent building blocks of systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials. [2014]
Systematic Review of Medical Treatment in Melanoma: Current Status and Future Prospects
Critical review of treatments for advanced, metastatic melanoma to determine success of current and the promise of emerging therapies. [2011]
Treating herpes zoster and postherpetic neuralgia: An evidence-based approach
Review the evidence for the range of treatments for acute herpes zoster (shingles) and Postherpetic neuralgia (PHN), and for preventive strategies for herpes zoster. [2012]
U.S. Preventive Services Task Force: Screening for Skin Cancer
The 2009 update of the USPSTF 2001 report on the evidence of benefits and harms of screening for skin cancer.
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