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"TMJ" stands for temporomandibular joint, or the jaw joint. The TMJs are the small joints in front of each ear that attach the lower jaw (mandible) to the skull. They allow you to perform such functions as opening and closing your mouth, chewing, speaking, and swallowing.

TMJ diseases and disorders refer to a set of conditions, manifested by pain in the area of the jaw and associated muscles and limitations in the ability to make the normal movements of speech, facial expression, eating, chewing, and swallowing. Conditions that routinely affect other joints in the body, such as arthritis and trauma, also affect the TM joint.

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American Academy of Craniofacial Pain
General information about the disorder and its symptoms. Includes a referral area which tells the percentage of the doctor's practice that is devoted to TMJD patients.
American Society of Temporomandibular Joint Surgeons
Non-profit organization of maxillofacial, orthopedic, plastic/reconstructive and oral and maxillofacial surgical specialists dedicated to promoting education, research, and patient services concerning orthopedic disease of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Includes diagnosis and management guidelines, video clips and a membership list.
Animated MRI of the Temporomandibular Joint
8 MRI's with case reports, animated to show the particular problem.
Clenching Syndrome
Information about clenching teeth.
Comparison of Two Temporomandibular Joint Prosthesis Systems
Compares the outcomes of two sets of patients.
Craniofacial Pain Center
The Craniofacial Pain Center of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine is devoted to the diagnosis and management of temporomandibular disorders and chronic head, neck and facial pain. Find patient and professional information and educational programs.
eMedicine Health: TMJ Overview
Explains the symptoms and treatment options.
The Jaw Joints and Allied Musculo-Skeletal Disorders Foundation is a non-profit advocacy organization that focuses on prevention, awareness, education, and research.
Long-Term Study of TMJ Surgery with Alloplastic Implants Compared with Nonimplant Surgery for Painful TMJ Disc Displacement
Long term study of 466 patients in 5 treatment groups to determine the outcome of Silastic, permanent Silastic, or Proplast implants to replace painful disc displacements compared to nonimplant surgery or nonsurgical modalities.
Morphologic and Immunohistochemical Observation of Explanted Proplast-Teflon TMJ Implants
Evaluates the cellular tissue response to disc material by its changes and fragmentation.
Physical Therapy Corner: The Temporomandibular Joint
Anatomy pictures, muscles, joint movement, symptom list, self care tips, and simple ergonomics and posture information.
Protocol for the Management of Failed Alloplastic TMJ Disc Implants
The management of failed Proplast/Teflon, Silastic, and Christensen Fossa implants by removal, joint debridement, recountouring of the articulating surfaces, and placement of a temporalis muscle/fascia flap for joint lining including the outcome of this protocol.
Self-Reported Systemic, Immune-Mediated Disorders in Patients with and without Proplast-Teflon Implants of the TMJ
Examines self-reported systemic and immune mediated disorders in patients with Proplast-Teflon TMJ implants by comparing them to a group who was not exposed to these alloplastic implants and to a group who has had these implants removed.
Temporomandibular Joint Disc Replacement Made by Tissue-Engineered Growth of Cartilage
The new technique of tissue-engineered growth of cartilage for the replacement of discs and its effectiveness.
Information for patients and dentists.
The TMJ Association, Ltd.
Provides information to patients, health professionals and the public, and advocates for research and treatment.
TMJ Concepts/Techmedia Custom-Made Total Joint Prosthesis: A Five Year Follow Up
42 consecutive patients had reconstruction using this prosthesis, and were followed for 5-8 years to determine the long term results.
TMJ Talk
Patient hosted, moderated discussion board on aspects of this disorder.
TMJ: Diet and Exercise Treatment
Covers nonsurgical treatment options. Reviews symptoms linked to the condition.
Ten Year Outcome of Nonsurgical Treatment for Internal Derangment of the TMJ with Closed Lock
56 patients were treated nonsurgically and then evaluated at 10 years to determine if their pain, jaw dysfunction, and limiting of daily activities had improved. From PubMed. (November 01, 2002)
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