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Sleep research and sleep medicine have grown rapidly over the last thirty years, partly as a result of the discovery that REM (rapid eye movement) sleep coincided with dreaming and partly because of the discovery of sleep apnea (breathing stopping during sleep). Countries vary in how they deal with sleep disorders; in the U.S. sleep medicine is recognised as a field and it is looked after by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute; other medical specialities e.g. neurology, pulmonology, psychiatry, may be influential in other countries. The sleep disorders category is broadly divided into sub-categories that deal with the specific sleep disorders as well as the institutions that regulate, diagnose and treat these disorders. Sleep is affected by the brain's biological clock and so is included in this category. Shift-work sleep disorder and jet-lag are well-known problems that reflect the activity of the biological clock. This category consists of some of the major 'omnibus' sites (SleepNet, Brain Information Service, Sleep Medicine and the SleepWell) that can contain just about everything (information, chats, consultations, portals, etc). It also lists smaller, general information sites as well as sites that provide short and concise general sleep disorders information. The Organisations sub-category is packed with information that is more specific to particular sleep disorders. Apart from listing the various centers, the Sleep Centers sub-category is worth visiting as many of these sites provide useful information on sleep disorders. Anyone with health concerns is reminded that it is advisable to discuss their problems with a licensed medical professional.

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BabyCenter - Sleep During Pregnancy
Describes how pregnancy will affect sleep and what to do about it (also has useful links).
Better Homes and Gardens - Sleep Problems
Links to articles from the magazine on sleep related issues.
A guide to sleep, including Information, tips and advice on dealing with sleep disorders.
Brain Basics: Understanding Sleep
A comprehensive resources guide about understanding sleep, compiled by NINDS, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.
The Dangers of Alcohol and Sleep - Alcohol Alert No. 41-1998
Paper discussing the effects of alcohol on sleep (US National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism).
Deep into Sleep - Harvard Magazine
Article exploring the consequences of not getting adequate amounts of sleep.
Drowsy Driving and Automobile Crashes
NHLBI report dealing with combatting drowsy driving.
eMedicine Health - Disorders That Disrupt Sleep (Parasomnias)
Consumer health resource center providing information on several sleep disorders.
eMedicine Health - REM Sleep Behavior Disorder
Consumer health resource center providing information on the causes, symptoms, and treatment of this condition.
eMedicine Health - Sleep: Understanding the Basics
Consumer health resource center providing information on sleep and sleep disorders.
Site provides users with individualized, sleep information and advice.
Malt powder manufacturer provides explanation of poor sleep patterns, and offers management tips. - Focus on Sleep Disorders
Medical information about sleep disorders including, insomnia, snoring, and nightmares.
MedlinePlus: Sleep Disorders
A selection of sites provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.
Put an End to Snoring
An objective resource features an exclusive questionnaire that will suggest remedies appropriate for your type. Includes a list of remedies and details about each.
Sleep (From Neuroscience for Kids)
Basic information about sleep for kids and adults.
Sleep and Health
A resource dedicated to advancing the public's knowledge of sleep disorders, alertness, mood, performance and other health related issues.
Sleep Desk
Covers a variety of disorders, the Epworth test, and a message board for your questions.
Sleep Disorder News - Topix
News on sleep disorders collected from diverse sources on the web.
Sleep Disorders
Descriptions, symptoms, treatment, of various sleep disorders. Over a hundred articles on the topic. Sleep apnea, narcolepsy, sleep paralysis, insomnia. New Material added weekly.
Sleep Disorders
Provides details of medications and treatments, as well as tools and resources.
Sleep Medicine
A comprehensive links and resources one-pager for both professionals and sufferers.
The Sleep Well
Information on sleep, disorders, activism and related events.
Describes patterns, norms, and common sleep disorders. Tips on getting good sleep and resources for problems.
Everything you wanted to know about sleep disorders but were too tired to ask. Open Sleep Forum. SleepNet links to over 200 sites.
Sleepwalking in Children
Definition, symptoms, and what a parent should do. American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).
Stop Snoring Tips
Tips to help people to stop snoring as well as information on how to deal with a snorer and other snoring information.
Talk About Sleep
Provides news, information, moderated chats and message boards.

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