Coverage of SARS in the general media.

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China's SARS Problem, and Ours
How China's totalitarian government put the rest of the world at risk to the new virus. [The Daily Standard]
New germ may be cause of killer 'flumonia'
Overview of what is known so far. [Independent Online]
New York Times: Science Special - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
Archived news coverage. (Free registration required.)
People's Daily: SARS in China and Abroad
Archived news coverage, including interviews with cured patients, details of cooperation with the WHO, and discussion of the measures that have prevented the spread of the disease.
Sydney Morning Herald: SARS
Special coverage of the outbreak, with emphasis on Australian cases and Asian travel issues.
Topix: SARS News
News on SARS collected from various sources.
Looking beyond SARS
Features audio clips of the radio program series, a fact sheet and timeline on SARS, commentary, and links to related coverage. By NPR National Public Radio. (September 23, 2003)
SARS Reference
Online textbook reviewing available medical information. (July 14, 2003)
Doctor Alleges Beijing Cover-Up Over SARS Crisis
A senior Chinese physician accused his government yesterday of covering up details of the spread of the SARS virus in Beijing, raising fears that the crisis may be worse than previously thought. [The Scotsman] (April 10, 2003)
Do Surgical Masks Stop SARS?
Analysis showing that common masks offer only limited protection, but that the perception of protection may be more important. [Slate] (April 07, 2003)
Fears Mount Over Deadly Bug
Hong Kong establishes quarantine camps as a deadly pneumonia virus claims more victims. [BBC News] (April 01, 2003)
SARS Affects the Health of Air Travel
Examines the effects that fear of the disease is having on international airlines. [] (April 01, 2003)
New England Journal of Medicine: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
Early release of several articles dealing with the outbreak in Hong Kong and Canada. (March 31, 2003)
New suspect in super-pneumonia outbreak
Several labs have found a coronavirus in SARS patients. One possibility is that the disease might be caused by both that and the previously isolated paramyxovirus acting in tandem. [New Scientist] (March 25, 2003)
Breakthrough in Fight Against Super-Pneumonia
A diagnostic test for the virus, with information and related stories and links. [New Scientist] (March 24, 2003)
Virus Causing Deadly Pneumonia Revealed
Indications that Acute Respiratory Syndrome is a member of the paramyxovirus family. [New Scientist] (March 19, 2003)
Mysterious Illness may be New Disease
Reviews what is known so far about the disease. [San Francisco Chronicle] (March 18, 2003)
Fears Spread Over Deadly Virus
Health officials struggle to contain the spread of a "mystery illness" reported across continents. [BBC News] (March 17, 2003)
World Put on Alert for Severe Pneumonia
Announcement of the global alert issued by the World Health Organization. [New Scientist] (March 12, 2003)

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