"There are three recognised forms of Niemann-Pick Disease, Niemann-Pick Type A, B and C. Niemann-Pick Type A and B are caused by an enzyme deficiency, causing a build up of toxic materials in the body's cells. Niemann-Pick Type C is not caused by an enzyme deficiency, but the end result is the same; an accumulation of materials (cholesterol and other fatty acids) in the body's cells." from http://www.niemannpick.org.uk/ .

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Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation
About this foundation whose goal is to find a cure for the devastating Niemann-Pick Type C disease.
GeneReviews: Niemann-Pick Disease Type C
Summary, diagnosis, clinical description, differential diagnosis, management, genetic counseling and molecular genetics.
International Center for Types A and B Niemann-Pick Disease
Provides information on the prevention and treatment of this disorder for patients, physicians and scientists.
International Niemann-Pick Disease Alliance
An alliance of non-profit support organisations who are associated with the rare group of genetic diseases known collectively as Niemann-Pick Disease.
Jacob's Reach
Niemann-Pick Disease Type C public awareness campaign in honor of Jacob Quinn DeMeis. Includes information on the disease and on Jacob's short life.
National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation
Provides in depth education and support for patients and families. Also information about the foundation itself.
Niemann-Pick Disease
Information sheet on this disease including what it is, treatment, prognosis and research being done.
Niemann-Pick UK
A charitable organisation offering support and information to families affected by Niemann-Pick diseases and to associated health and social care professionals.
Think Again Think NP-C campaign
Aiming to reduce the time to diagnosis by supporting healthcare professionals who are unfamiliar with NP-C to recognise the key signs and symptoms of the disease.
“Our bid to raise awareness of our son’s disease”
The BBC reports on a campaign to raise doctor’s awareness of Niemann-Pick type C. (February 28, 2015)

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