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Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation
Myalgic encephalopathy and chronic fatigue syndrome information for patients and medical professionals.
Association of Young People with ME
Includes phone helpline, assistance with study problems, and guide to request a disabled students allowance. A UK-based charity.
CFIDS Association of America
Funds research studies towards accurate diagnosis and treatment. Also offers support and advocacy resources, including a grassroots on-line action center.
CFIDS/Fibromyalgia Self-Help
American non-profit organization that provides online self-management courses. Also furnishes a library of articles on coping, pacing, stress management and treatment.
FM-CFS Canada
National registered-charity that provides guides for doctors and pharmacists, nursing, assessment and treatment of patients, and guidelines for support groups.
Hummingbirds Foundation for ME
Provides an overview of known medical facts, diagnosis and basic treatment, comprehensive symptom list, research and advocacy information, and a monthly newsletter
Invest in ME
Independent UK charity campaigning for biomedical research. Offers conference reports, research news, media corner, and guestbook.
Massachusetts CFIDS/FM Association
Articles on diagnosis, coping, advocacy, treatment, and disability. Assists patients with referrals to health care providers and gives guidance on disability issues.
The ME Association
Practical help is offered by this UK national charity, including information on benefits and other sources of assistance.
ME Association of Ontario
Canadian charity that offers info, tips, and support to those coping with CFS and related illnesses, including youth and parents.
ME Research UK
National charity that funds scientific investigation into causes and treatment. Offers educational literature, reports of conferences and workshops, and a bi-annual magazine.
ME/CFS Society of NSW
Australian registered charity that provides information and support to sufferers and their carers. Features support groups, brochures and fact sheets, forum, and newsletter.
National CFIDS Foundation
American non-profit that funds research and provides information, education, and support to patients.
National ME/FM Action Network
Includes a quarterly newsletter, online library of articles, list of support groups, and discusses active projects. A Canadian registered charity.
American patient advocacy group for CFS and other neuroendocrineimmune disorders. Provides scientific articles, support and educational resources, newsletters.
Sussex ME/CFS Society
UK registered charity offering support through newsletters, meetings, and telephone contacts to patients in East Sussex, West Sussex, and Kent.
Waterloo Wellington ME Association
Canadian registered charity offering coping and self-help strategies, and help with finding a physician.
Wisconsin ME/CFS Association
Online library with medical articles and resources for children. Access to support groups, phone support and their quarterly newsletter is for members only.
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