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Presents directory of news, resources, and publications concerning the disease.
Disaster Information Management Research Center: Zika Virus Health Information Resource Guide
Comprehensive directory of publications, news, articles, and other resources that is updated daily.
American Medical Association: Zika Virus Resource Center
Updated information for physicians and the public.
Australia Department of Health: Zika Virus
Factsheet on the basics of the disease.
BBC News: Zika Outbreak
News, articles, and disease details.
The BMJ: Zika virus
News, journal articles, maps, and disease information.
CDC: Zika Virus
Information on Zika virus provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention includes risks, transmission, areas with Zika, mosquito control, symptoms, testing, and treatment.
Elsevier: Zika Virus Resource Center
Features news, online resources, research articles, disease details, and information from experts.
eMedicine Health: Zika Virus
Lists symptoms, cause, transmission, complications, treatment, and prevention.
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: Zika Virus Infection
Has news, publications, fact sheet for health professionals, and mosquito maps.
Florida Department of Health: Zika Virus
Presents maps, news, and disease information.
The Global Health Network: Zika Infection
Provides a platform for sharing and developing research priorities, protocols, data capture systems alongside the latest epidemiology and clinical management information about Zika virus infection. Zika Virus
Travel and clinical advice on Zika: assessing pregnant women following travel, epidemiology, symptoms, and transmission.
Government of Canada: Zika Virus
Causes, symptoms, risks, treatment, prevention, surveillance information, and guidance for health professionals.
Infectious Diseases Society of America: Zika
Lists news, journal articles, and disease information.
KidsHealth: Zika Virus
Symptoms, causes, complications, testing, prevention, and treatment.
The Lancet: Zika Virus Research Centre
Includes disease information, news, and articles.
Mayo Clinic: Zika Virus Disease
Features cause, complications, symptoms, treatment, and prevention.
MedlinePlus: Zika Virus
News, resources, testing, transmission, and complications.
Medscape: Zika Virus
Includes disease information, news, and articles.
Merck Manuals Professional Edition: Zika Virus
Learn about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and, treatment of the disease.
National Institiutes of Health: Zika Virus
Offers news, disease details, maps, factsheets, and scientific resources.
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: Zika Virus
Presents news releases, research information, and diseases details.
NEJM Journal Watch: Zika
Updated list of journal articles about the disease.
New England Journal of Medicine: Zika Virus
Provides news, disease information, and journal articles.
New Zealand Ministry of Health: Zika Virus
Lists news, facts, control measures, monitoring, and testing information.
NHS Choices: Zika virus
Features news, resources, complications, testing, symptoms, and treatment.
Pan American Health Organization: Zika Virus
Includes news, symptoms, complications, transmission, testing, prevention, and treatment.
PubMed: Zika
Directory of journal articles on the disease.
Reuters: The Zika Virus |
Full coverage of the spread of the mosquito-borne Zika virus.
Texas Department of State Health Services: Zika in Texas
Provides news, number of cases in the state, prevention, traveling information, and resources.
Uptodate: Zika Virus
Features epidemiology, symptoms, complications, diagnosis, and prevention.
WebMD: Zika Virus
Features Q&A with treatment, risks, transmission, prevention, and symptoms.
WHO: Zika virus
Factsheet in multiple languages.
WHO: Zika virus and complications: Questions and answers
Everything you ever wanted to know about Zika virus and complications in an easy to understand question and answer from the World Health Organization.
Wikipedia: Zika Virus
Encyclopedia article with virology, history, and transmission.
Wiley: Zika Research
Directory of journal articles on the disease.

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