A contagious viral infection caused by a paramyxovirus, Rubulavirus. It is spread by direct contact with objects contaminated by infected saliva or airborne infected droplets. It usually occurs in children under the age of 15, though may also occur in adults. It causes painful enlargement of the salivary glands and may affect other organs, especially in adults.
CDC NIP: Mumps
Directory of factsheets and articles on the disease and its vaccine.
Communicable Disease Fact Sheets: Mumps
Information about Mumps from the New York State Department of Health.
eMedicine - Mumps
Article by Cem S Demirci, MD.
eMedicine - Mumps
Article by Robert Felter, MD.
eMedicine Health - Mumps
Features cause, symptoms, tests, and treatment.
Kids Health: Mumps
Description, symptoms, prevention and treatment; aimed at parents.
Mayo Clinic - Mumps
Includes signs and symptoms, cause, diagnosis, prevention, and prognosis.
Medinfo: Mumps
Information for patients on mumps, a virus infection which typically causes enlargement of the two salivary glands in the cheeks at the angle of the jaw.
MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Mumps
Factsheet with cause, prevention, diagnosis, complications, symptoms, and treatment.
MedlinePlus: Mumps
Facts about mumps for adults and children. Includes flowchart for neck swelling, prevention and screening information.
NHS Choices: Mumps
Provides information on this highly contagious viral infection. Includes a short video and details of symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, complications and prevention.
Pediatric OnCall
A time tested homemade remedy for the treatment of mumps.
WHO: Mumps Vaccine
Factsheet about the disease and vaccine.
NPR : Search Is On for Source of Iowa Mumps Epidemic
Two infected airline passengers may have helped spread mumps from Iowa to several other Midwestern states, health officials say. The outbreak is the largest in 18 years. [3:55 streaming audio broadcast] (April 13, 2006)

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