Influenza ("the flu") is a class of viruses that seasonally infect people and animals in many different forms. Influenza is generally only life threatening in elderly, very young, or in people with compromised immune systems.

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BioHealthBase: Influenza Virus
Global public database and analysis resource for the study of influenza viruses. Includes a daily case report and sequence summary for Influenza A (H1N1).
CBC news - Fighting the Flu
A CBC News in-depth report on popular misconceptions, facts on flu shots and a history of vaccinations.
CIDRAP: General Influenza and Flu Vaccine Information
The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy provides up to date news on these topics.
e-Medicine Health - Flu in Adults
Consumer health resource center providing an overview of adult influenza and its causes, symptoms and treatment.
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: Influenza
EU agency surveillance in partnership with national health protection bodies across Europe. Includes risk assessment, short-term guidance, contact management, updates and related programs.
The Flu Dr. Reddy
Michigan pediatrician offers general information on flu epidemics, symptoms, and vaccines. Read updates on the new Asian and Australian flus.
Flu Net
The World Health Organization links national influenza centres and collaborating centres for global influenza surveillance.
Flu Wiki
A database that anyone can edit.
Provides access to U.S. Government H1N1, avian and pandemic flu information. Includes guidance for institutions of higher education, businesses, employees and individuals.
Foreign Affairs - Preparing for the Next Pandemic
Examines the impact of a major influenza pandemic and discusses preparedness in detail.
Get Pandemic Planning
Includes advice, checklists and resources for community, business and household influenza pandemic planning. Hosted by the Canterbury District Health Board NZ.
Technical overview of the influenza virus, including the various types, the history of human infection, and ways to prevent and treat the illness.
Influenza (Flu) - Texas Department of Health
Overview of influenza, case definitions, vaccine information (including the Influenza Vaccination Pocket Information Guide), and surveillance data with influenza activity levels.
Influenza - Topix
News on the disease. [RSS]
Influenza Pandemic
Information from Wikipedia on epidemics caused by influenza viruses that have spread on a worldwide scale and infected a high number of people.
Influenza Specialist Group
ISG consists of medical and scientific specialists form Australia and New Zealand with interest in the flu. Provides the latest information and current news on influenza, including vaccination, and treatments.
Influenza Virus Illustration
Computer graphics of the appearance and structure of the virus with a description.
Influenza Virus Net
Aims to be a resource for the public and health professionals for influenza and to serve as a network for the exchange of information and news related to influenza.
Kilbourne, NY Medical College Influenza Archive
An archive of influenza virus reassortants, mutants, and antisera, including a database of flu viruses and vaccines, with information about phenotype, genotype, special properties, and relevant published references.
Mayo Clinic: Flu
A description of influenza, its symptoms, causes, complications, treatment and prevention. - Influenza
A collection of articles about cold and flu topics covering symptoms, vaccinations, medications, and treatment
Medinfo: Influenza
Easy to understand information for patients on influenza, a virus which causes a severe form of respiratory tract infection with generalised bodily symptoms
MedlinePlus: Influenza
Directory of news releases, articles, and factsheets.
Medscape: Influenza
General overview, clinical findings, treatment, and lab studies.
National Foundation for Infectious Diseases: Influenza
Provides information for consumers, health professionals and the media.
New York State Department of Health: Seasonal Influenza
Includes educational materials, frequently asked questions and answers, news and vaccine information.
Oregon Influenza Facts
Puts the virus into historical perspective for Oregon, including the numbers of flu-related deaths. Learn about risk factors and prevention.
Strategy to Enhance Influenza Surveillance Worldwide
Report of a study on the need for a global surveillance program to provide data needed for allocation of scarce healthcare resources.
ViralZone: Influenzavirus A
Illustration of the virus and information on its molecular biology and replication.
Wear a Mask
Provides details of simple precutions to be taken to avoid person to person spread of flu viruses, discusses the effectiveness of face masks and lists FDA approved masks.
WebMD Flu Guide
Find information and resources to prevent the flu, or at least ease the symptoms.
What's Up with the Flu?
Article from Miller and Levine providing a background to this disease and including much information on vaccines and their production.
Wikipedia: Influenza
Overview article on the virus and infection in humans. Includes history, classification, replication, transmission, prevention, treatment and related topics.

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