Lyme disease is a bacterial infection transmitted by ticks that affects humans and animals. Not always, but often, sometime after the tick bite, a rash may appear. The rash usually appears at the tick bite location but can appear anywhere on the body. The rash can vary in appearance, but sometimes looks like a "bulls-eye". Early in the disease the rash is often accompanied by flu like symptoms. The later phases of the disease can bring on arthritis, headaches, and other systemic problems including various neurological manifestations. The heart, brain, eyes, ears, and other parts of the nervous system may be affected. Blood testing is sometimes unreliable and treatment with antibiotics is necessary for cure after a clinical diagnosis.

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CDC: Lyme Disease
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention presents details of prevention, transmission and symptoms.
Connecticut Tick Control - Fighting Lyme Disease
Information regarding tick control and the spread of tick-borne diseases.
eMedTV's Lyme Disease Channel
Providing medically reviewed information on LD, the early symptoms, treatment options and ways to prevent it. Includes tick removal
FDA: Beware of Ticks and Lyme Disease
Questions and answers about the effects, symptoms, diagnostic tests and treatment for Lyme disease.
Haverford Wellness Center: Lyme Disease
Specialist testing and treatment center provides information on the disease and provides details of the services they offer.
Lyme Disease
Information on this disease, the ticks that carry it, the symptoms, treatment, prevention and control. P. E. Kaufman, P. G. Koehler and J. F. Butler, University of Florida.
Lyme Disease
A description of Lyme disease along with a look at the symptoms, the later stages, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and what to do if a tick is found on the skin.
Lyme Disease Audio Network
The place to hear audio archives of news and public service announcements to help educate people about the seriousness of this disease.
Lyme Disease Info
Covers the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of tick borne infections. Advocacy details, books, and peer-reviewed medical literature are also linked.
Lyme Disease Research Database
Includes information on the latest research, news and therapies. Includes audio interviews with Lyme doctors, specific protocols followed by healthy survivors of the disease and lifestyle support resources.
Lyme Disease Resource Center
Message boards and chat, newsletter, disease information, patient experiences and stories, directory of related sites, and books for sale.
Lyme Disease Risk Assessments (LDRAs)
Risk assessments conducted by U.S. Army at various military installations, 1983-1996.
Lyme Disease: A Patient's Guide
Prepared as part of a cooperative agreement between the American College of Physicians and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Includes an introduction, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and a glossary.
Lyme Disease: General Information and FAQ
Includes information on Ixodes dammini, the deer tick responsible for most cases of the disease, the symptoms in man and animals, the treatment and tick control.
Mayo Clinic: Lyme Disease
A description of the disease plus complications, risk factors, diagnosis and treatment. Lyme Disease
A definition of this disorder along with a look at the symptoms, diagnoses, treatment and prevention.
MedlinePlus: Lyme Disease
The National Institutes of Health provide information on transmission, screening, research, and treatment.
Minnesota Department of Health: Lyme Disease
The State of Minnesota presents general information, information for health care providers, photos, and links to other resources.
Neurological Complications of Lyme Disease
The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke offers details of diagnosis and treatment.
New Jersey Department of Health: Lyme Disease and Tickborne Disease
Basic information, and a fact sheet to download.
NHS Choices: Lyme Disease
Provides information on this bacterial infection.

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