Mycoplasma is a genus of bacteria the cells of which lack a cell wall and are unaffected by many common antibiotics. Several species cause diseases in humans including M. pneumoniae, which is an important cause of atypical pneumonia and other respiratory disorders, and M. genitalium, which is believed to be involved in pelvic inflammatory diseases.

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Gulf War Syndrome
The American Gulf War Veterans Association provides information from various sources linking Mycoplasma to this syndrome.
The Institute of Molecular Medicine
A nonprofit institute dedicated to discovering new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for chronic mycoplasma infections.
Medical Microbiology: Mycoplasmas
Shmuel Razin discusses general concepts, structure, class and pathogenesis of mycoplasmas. He also focuses on the different subspecies and chronic illnesses in which mycoplasmas are involved.
Mycoplasma Lecture from
Lecture on mycoplasmas discussing background, pathophysiology, mortality, diagnosis and treatment.
Mycoplasma Penetrans and Primary Antiphospholipid Syndrome
Scientific case report of a patient with clinical features of PAPS infected with mycoplasma penetrans.
Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Research from Emergency Medicine
Scientific lecture on the relation of mycoplasma pneumoniae as a common cause for community-acquired pneumonia.
Mycoplasma Species of Man
Article by Leonard Hayflick and Robert M Chanock on the general properties of the genus Mycoplasma, the human species, their role in human disease and how they often contaminate cell cultures. [PDF]
Mycoplasmas - Stealth Pathogens
Overview of the most important mycoplasma species, how they interact in the body and treatment options.
Mycoplasmas: Sophisticated, Re-emerging and Burdened by Their Notoriety
Research paper by Joel B. Baseman and Joseph G. Tully discussing the role of mycoplasmas within various diseases: overview of all different strains and mechanisms of pathogenicity.
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