Plague is a severe disease caused by the bacteria, Yersinia pestis. It has several forms - bubonic plague, pneumonic plague, and septicemic plague. It can be successfully treated with antibiotics if the disease is recognized in time. This is the disease that caused the "black death" throughout history. It is transmitted by fleas from infected rats and other rodents. It can also spread person to person via body fluids and aerosol droplets.

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Article by Carole D. Bos on this disease and its devastating effects during the Middle Ages.
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A list of epidemics of the disease between 1348 and 1665. Includes references.
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Computer graphic showing the structure of Yersinia pestis with an explanation and references.
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The role of trade in transmitting the Black Death.
Multidrug Resistance in Yersinia Pestis Mediated by a Transferable Plasmid
Article discusses antibiotic and multidrug resistance in Yersinia Pestis, the causative agent of Plague. Published by The New England Journal of Medicine. (July 04, 1997)

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