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Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center
Private laboratory located in New York City. Find programs, virtual tours of its facility, and events.
AIDS HIV Vaccine Antiretroviral Drug research initiative
HIV AIDS research initiative, research on HIV vaccine and anti retro viral drug therapies training on prevention and patient care
The AIDS Institute
A national nonprofit organization that promotes action for social change through public policy research, advocacy and community education. Helping shape the way governments respond to HIV/AIDS and related healthcare issues. Learn about the history, the programs, and become involved.
The American Foundation for AIDS Research, a leading organization dedicated to the support of HIV/AIDS research.
Baylor College of Medicine - Center for AIDS Research
A multidisciplinary academic environment that promotes basic, clinical, and translational AIDS and AIDS-related research.
Canadian Association for HIV Research
Information for members and guests about the objectives, awards, conferences and contact details.
Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS)
The AIDS Research Institute at the University of California San Francisco is committed to maintaining a focus on prevention of HIV disease, using the expertise of multiple disciplines.
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
A leading organization dedicated to identifying, funding and conducting basic pediatric HIV/AIDS research.
An AIDS research project that uses your computers idle resources to accelerate new anti-HIV drug design.
HIV Neurobehavorial Research Center
Information about the Center's programs, research projects, and publications dedicated to learning how HIV affects the nervous system and impairment in everyday functioning.
The HIV Resistance Response Database Initiative (RDI)
An initiative to improve the clinical management of HIV/AIDS using large databases of clinical data to enhance understanding of HIV drug resistance. Current activities, news, links for many of their publications, and information about their funding.
International AIDS Economics Network (IAEN)
Provides data, tools and analysis on the economics of prevention and treatment in developing countries.
Maharastra state AIDS control society
Dedicated for providing effective prevention, care and support for HIV/AIDS affected individuals by fostering close collaboration with women’s self-help groups, faith-based organizations, positive people’s networks and communities.
Midway Immunology and Research Center
Specializes in the treatment of HIV/AIDs, Hepatitis C coinfection and Chronic Infections. Servicing Ft. Peirce, St. Lucie & Martin County, FL
National AIDS research institute
Organisation engaged in achiving control of HIV spread and to provide care to HIV infected population.
National Development & Research Institutes, Inc.
Information about NDRI and its purpose which is to advance scientific knowledge in the areas of drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, therapeutic communities and related areas of mental and public health.
NYU Medical Center for AIDS Research
Designated by the NIH to coordinate, enhance and expedite HIV/AIDS research efforts at selected institutions.
OyaGen, Inc.
Seeks to bring to market the first anti-HIV drug that solves the problems of viral resistance, a major shortcoming of all current therapies. Find information on the drugs in development, news, and links.
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