As caused by malfunctioning of the vestibular apparatus.

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American Hearing Research Foundation: Destructive Treatments of Vertigo
Article describing treatments for vertigo designed to deaden the inner ear, in particular gentamicin injections and surgical treatments.
American Hearing Research Foundation: Medical Treatment of Vertigo
Article discussing vestibular suppressant and antiemetic drugs, and other new and unproven treatments.
American Hearing Research Foundation: Post Traumatic Vertigo
Learn more about the causes, diagnosis and treatment of this particular type of disorder.
B.C. Balance and Dizziness Disorders Society
Support group offering information and support for persons with vestibular disorders. Provides information about meetings and other resources.
Balance Chicago
Vestibular disorder blog which includes helpful resources, links to articles and research, patient experiences and tips for living with these conditions.
Balance Disorders
Provides an explanation of the balance mechanism and gives information on the various conditions that cause imbalance.
Cawthorne Cooksey Vestibular Rehabilitation Exercises
Includes professionally prepared exercises which help retrain the brain to recover from vestibular disorders.
Dizziness, Imbalance and Hearing Disorders
Provides a number of articles on dizziness or vertigo caused by inner ear problems, neurological problems and low blood pressure, and on treatments.
eMedicineHealth: Vertigo
Provides information on the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of this condition.
MedlinePlus: Dizziness
Encyclopedia article on this problem, its definition, possible causes, home care and when to contact a medical practitioner.
MedlinePlus: Vertigo-associated Disorders
Encyclopedia article on the various causes of dizziness, the symptoms, tests and treatment.
NHS Choices: Vertigo
Provides details of symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
Vertigo is Dizziness
An explanation of vertigo, dizziness, and labyrinthitis.
Wikipedia: Vestibular Neuronitis
Encyclopedia article on this condition which may cause a single attack of vertigo or a persistent condition which diminishes over a period of weeks.
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