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UK charity assisting children and young adults with communication impairments. Listings for the organization's publications and local groups.
Apricot, Inc.
Educational materials and services for children and adults with learning, language, and/or behavior differences, including autism, dyslexia, and ADHD. Workshops held in Portland, Oregon.
Brainstorm Educational Resources
Speech and language resources for Australian speech pathologists, teachers and parents. Proudly distributing Super Duper and Remedia publications.
Carol's Speech and Language Disorders Homepage
Maintained by a therapist, and featuring articles, resources, and online activities.
First Words Project
FIRST WORDS Project is a model early identification and intervention program based in the Department of Communication Disorders at Florida State University.
Foreign Accent Syndrome
Features the entry from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Includes a description of FAS and offers references.
Foreign Accent Syndrome Support
Provides information about a rare speech disorder FAS. Scientific and clinical information is provided along with samples, family stories, and opportunity to network with others. From Speech Production Lab, University of Texas at Dallas.
National Center for Voice and Speech
Research center dedicated to studying the powers, limitations, and enhancement of human voice and speech. Located at the University of Iowa.
The Voice Academy
A self-paced, no-cost, virtual school created to educate teachers about the dangers of voice disorders in their profession.
The Voice Foundation
Provides education and care of the professional voice user. Its online home provides information about Foundation's video library, meetings, and journal, as well as a search engine for locating Foundation members around the world.
What Did You Say?
Living with a speech disorder. A weblog containing ups and downs and personal experiences of the author.

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