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Deafness Research UK: Case Studies
This charity for deaf and hard of hearing provides an archive of stories from individuals on how their hearing loss has affected their lives.
Eh? What? Huh?
A hard of hearing woman presents some of her random thoughts, personal experiences, found news and stories related to hearing loss.
Grant W Laird Jr.
Photo album, family tree, and links to information on deafness.
I Love Ellie
Personal story by the parent of a deaf child. Includes how the ear works, development checklists, and opinion of the cochlear implant.
Kathlyn Maguire
Kathlyn is the founder of Empowerment Through Hearing and here describes her experiences with hearing loss.
Late Deafened
An account of how Pat Carter experienced the onset of hearing loss at 35 and was completely deaf by the age of 52.
Linda's Helps for the Hard of Hearing
This site is about my adult-onset deafness, my cochlear implant, and has some teaching tools for helping people communicate effectively with the hard of hearing.
Michael Chorost
Information about the book "Rebuilt: How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human" and its author, the recipient of a cochlear impant.
Millie's Story
Millie’s hearing started deteriorating when she was a child and she explains in a short video how she coped.
Mosier, Teri
Deaf attorney in Louisville, Kentucky. A resume with links and published articles on the ADA, links pages for deafness related website, links for disability related websites, links for government and legal websites.
Nostalgic Childhood
Blog by a deaf teenager.
Profoundly Seth
Provides an account of a family's journey to cochlear implants with their profoundly deaf son.
Susan's Story
Susan is a community mental health nurse helping deaf people with mental illnesses. She explains how it has affected her life and her work.
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