Organizations set up in the interests of people who are deaf or have hearing loss.
International organisations are listed here. National and local organisations are listed in the appropriate subcategory and can also be listed in the Regional part of the Directory.

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Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
An international membership organization and resource center on hearing loss and spoken language approaches and related issues. Aims to serve as one of the best information and support centers for pediatric hearing loss and the auditory approach.
Association of Late Deafened Adults (LDA)
They make up the largest group of deaf individuals. This site provides information on late-onset deafness as well as support available in your area. There is a national group which holds annual conventions in the USA as well as local groups throughout the world which offer a more personal support system.
Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Losses
Provides information, promotes advocacy and mentorship, and creates a network for individuals with hearing losses interested in or working in health care fields. Articles, mailing list, chat, news, and links.
Center for Hearing and Communication
This non-profit agency offers hearing rehabilitation and human service programs for all ages.
Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) International
A non-profit organization for the adult hearing sons and daughters of deaf parents.
Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation
Provides information, resources and support for prospective cochlear implant recipients and their families. Includes sections for candidates of various ages, including adults.
Constance Brown Hearing Centers
Provides information concerning types of hearing aids, hearing loss and anatomy of the ear and FAQs. Lists developmental speech and hearing milestones for infants and children . Links to other sites, newsletters, products and the effects of noise on hearing is discussed.
Deaf Child Worldwide
UK based international development agency dedicated to enabling deaf children to overcome poverty and isolation. Includes news and information and some project case studies.
Electronic Deaf Education Network (EDEN)
One audiologist's attempt to help parents understand, cope with, and most of all, see beyond their child's hearing loss.
Helen Keller Foundation
Includes details about the organization, research, education, testimonials, contributions and contact information.
The International Federation for Hard of Hearing Young People
Federation for national and regional youth organizations dedicated to hard of hearing young people. Includes information on activities, summer camps and courses.
Let Them Hear Foundation
Information about hearing, education, access, and research related to all levels of hearing impairment for children and adults
The Listen Up Web
Specializing in information for the deaf and hard of hearing, and especially geared to the needs of hearing impaired children and their families.
Sound Seekers
Charity supporting deaf individuals, particularly children in developing countries within the British Commonwealth.
The Starkey Hearing Foundation
Raising money for international distribution of hearing aids. Includes events calendar and newsletter archive.

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