Disease in which malignant cells form in the ovaries of the female. There are several types of Ovarian cancer: Ovarian epithelial cancer forms in the tissue that covers the ovary. Ovarian germ cell tumor forms in the germ (egg) cells of the ovary. And, the very rare Childhood Ovarian cancer. There is also a pre-cancerous condition that can form in the tissue covering the ovary.

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About.com: Ovarian Cancer
Discusses risks, diagnosis and treatment.
ACOR: Ovarian Problems Discussion List
Discussion group in an Email format.
Blogspot: LI OCEANS
The "Long Island Ovarian Cancer Education Advocacy Network" is aimed at increasing awareness. Presented in web-log format.
Blogspot: Ovarian Cancer News
Presents links and commentary to recent abstracts and news in a web-log format.
Cancer Help.org UK: Ovarian Cancer
Offers news and information about the risks, diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer.
Cancer Research UK: Ovarian Cancer
Factsheet including symptoms and causes, tests and treatment, living with ovarian cancer and current research.
eMedicine Health: Ovarian Cancer
Consumer health resource provides an overview of the condition including causes, symptoms and treatment.
Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance
Presents information about the condition and about the activities of this non-profit organization.
The Lynne Cohen Foundation for Ovarian Cancer Research
Non-profit foundation that raises funds for cutting-edge medical research in the women's healthcare field.
Mayo Clinic: Ovarian Cancer
Addresses topics of treatment options including surgical procedures for advanced-stage disease.
Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance
Nonprofit organization founded by cancer survivors to support women with ovarian cancer, fund research on prevention and cure, and raise awareness. Information on ovarian cancer, upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, newsletter.
NHS Choices: Ovarian Cancer
Provides a short video and details of symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
UK ovarian cancer support network. Profile, news, information and resources with real life stories.
Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Oregon and Southwest Washington
Non-profit aims at promoting education, support, networking and advocacy. Located in Vancouver, Washington.
Ovarian Cancer Canada
Registered charitable organization dedicated to fighting the condition.
Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
Coalition of groups to a common purpose. Located in Washington, DC.
The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
Charitable organization aimed at research and awareness. Includes educational materials, a hotline and fundraising products.
Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation
Nonprofit organization dedicated to the early detection and improved treatment of ovarian cancer. Grants, events calendar.
South Carolina Ovarian Cancer Foundation
Non-profit offers general information, support and a forum. Located in Greenville, South Carolina.
Teal Talk
Ovarian cancer resource that provides information, inspiration, and support through its message board and chat room.

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