As much art as science, managing a horse breeding farm requires a wide range of skills and resources. Equine reproduction deals with stallion, mare and foal management.

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Abortion in Horses
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture fact sheet on the infectious and non-infectious causes of abortion in mares.
The Artificial Insemination Centre
MAFF and EU approved equine quarantine and semen collecting centre. Includes details of specialist services.
Breeder's Assistant
Providing hands-on training to large and small horse breeders in equine reproductive management, artificial insemination, transported cooled semen, phantom training for stallions, foaling management and equine genetics.
Equine Reproduction
Professional articles on equine reproduction, also offers seminars and courses and has a links and books section. Sells selected artificial breeding supplies.
Equine Reproduction Center of Central Florida
Offers reproductive services and ambulatory services for horses. Includes information on the facilities and the canine reproductive services which are also offered.
Equine Reproduction Concepts
A facility in northern Virginia offering a full range of breeding services under veterinary supervision. Reproductive evaluations, semen collection, problem stallions, embryo transfer, artificial insemination, also on-farm services.
Equine Reproduction E-mail List
Moderated e-mail list for discussing equine reproduction issues suitable for all levels of experience. Topics include collecting, evaluating, cooling/freezing and shipping of semen; artificial insemination, embryo transfer, birth defects, infertility.
Equine Reproductive Ultrasound Training
Offers online training on equine reproductive ultrasound techniques and methods. Includes video, audio, and written material, supplemented with diagrams and annotated ultrasound images.
Equine Theriogenology
Detailed information from the School of Veterinary Medicine at Louisiana State University on the reproduction of horses.
EquiSearch: Breeding
Articles on equine reproduction, care of the pregnant mare, the foaling process, and equine color genetics.
First-hand Foaling
Article by Rebecca Colnar on her experiences of breeding her 15 year old quarter horse.
Foaling Mare Management Guidelines
Provides information on preparations, the signs of approaching foaling, the stages of labor, the importance of colostrum and the lactation period.
Foaling Resources and FAQs
Provides resources, the requirements for a foaling kit and information on normal and abnormal foaling.
Infertility in the Mare
Detailed information from the School of Veterinary Medicine at Louisiana State University on mares that fail to cycle, mares that cycle but do not conceive, and mares that cycle normally and conceive but then suffer early embryonic death.
Stallion Breeding Soundness Examination
Provides comprehensive information on examining a stallion, semen collection, analysis, stallion management and infertility.
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