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About Cats Online
Provides articles about cats on a variety of health and behavioral topics.
Ask the Cat Doctor
Dr. Shelby Neely, a veterinarian specializing in feline medicine, behavior and surgery answers questions from readers. Also includes articles about cats, photos, videos and cat merchandise.
Bengal Cat Health Corner
Offers articles on a variety of health related topics.
Cat Health News from the Winn Feline Foundation
Find latest and archived news, recommended resources and subscribe to the news via email or RSS format.
Cat Health: Questions, Problems and Care
Offers information on cat diseases and conditions and provides advice on how to keep cats healthy.
Cat Help Online
Feline health care information, glossaries, library, emergency considerations, veterinary information, articles and references.
Cat Info: Alphabetical Index
Information resource for cat health care and behavioral issues.
Cat Litter Reviews - ConsumerSearch
Reviews and user reports on cat litter. Biodegradable and regular kitty litter is discussed, and best options of each type are listed.
Cat Man Do
Dr. Arnold Plotnick speaks about professional life experiences as an expert in his field of feline veterinary medicine in Manhattan, NY.
Cat Professional
Organisation providing specialist feline veterinary care and advice to cat owners and veterinary professionals. Provides free downloadable articles, and books on feline health to purchase.
Cat Website
An organization dedicated to saving stray cats. Also information about cat care, food, breeds, adoption, and how you can help.
Cat's Pride
Makers of kitty litter. Information on litter boxes, and care.
Calculate cats' biological age, or CatAge, in people years, based on the cats' health, nutrition, activity level, and safety. Provides personalized recommendations to the owners.
Common Cat Toxicities
Information on household substances poisonous to cats provided by Cornell University Department of Animal Science.
Cornell Feline Health Center
Information for cat owners and veterinarians, including fact sheets covering several conditions and syndromes.
Feline Advisory Bureau
Charity devoted to the health and welfare of cats and the encouragement of feline veterinary specialization. Health and care articles, PKD disease and screening information.
Feline Outreach
A charitable organization promoting the routine and medical care of cats. Includes donation page, education and assistance to cat owners including financial.
Feline Zoonoses and You
A description of diseases cats can transmit to their owners.
Help My Cat
Provides an online medical reference to help find a possible medical diagnosis for a cat’s symptoms. Includes a list of cat diseases and list of symptoms, tips and resources.
Meow Meow Monthly
Answers feline health questions.
Multiple articles written by vets describing feline health, behavior, diseases, and grooming.
Veterinary Information: Cats
Cat health and behavioral issues. Information resource for the cat owner.

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