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Livestock are animals kept under agricultural conditions for the production of meat, dairy, eggs, fibre or other products. This category contains sites about regulations covering the health of livestock and general livestock health issues.

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Animal Health Ireland
Organization set up in 2009, this is a partnership approach to animal health that brings together livestock producers, processors, animal health advisers and government.
Animal Health Publications
A series of animal health manuals written by veterinarians for dairy producers, cattle ranchers and horse owners.
Canadian Animal Health Coalition
Canadian livestock health and biosecurity information, newsletter subscription.
Indiana Board of Animal Health
This is the web site for the state Board of Animal Health.
A Man Named Rock
Short biography of John Rockefeller Prentice, a pioneer of artificial insemination in farm animals as a means of improving the genetic pool.
National Animal Health Emergency Management System (NAHEMS)
A joint state-federal-industry effort to improve the United States' ability to deal successfully with animal health emergencies, ranging from flood and drought to introductions of deadly foreign animal diseases. Also looks at bioterrorism, emerging diseases, and diseases that pose a threat to production and international trade. Part of USAHA. US.
Net Vet
Covering a variety of health and management issues for small ruminants.
The Pirbright Institute
International research centre working to improve the health of farm animals worldwide. Located in the United Kingdom.
Plants Poisonous to Livestock
Lists toxic plants and gives information on the animals affected, the poisonous part of the plant and the toxic substances involved.
U.S. State and Territory Animal Import Regulations: Import and Export
Features animal movement regulations for each US state and national animal regulations for many countries.
United States Animal Health Association
Working to control livestock diseases in the United States. News, directory of member organizations, and links.
USDA: Plum Island Animal Disease Center
US laboratory for foreign animal diseases. Mission, research, news, safety, environment and history. New York.
Utah State Animal Health Publications
Publications in electronic format, PDF, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

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