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The Aetiology and Epidemiology of PD, HMSI and CMS in Scotland
This report summarises the conclusions of research into these diseases and the varying degrees of success in achieving certain milestones. [PDF]
Alphavirus Infections in Salmonids: A Review
Salmonid alphaviruses (SAVs) are serious pathogens of farmed Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout in Europe. This article reviews research findings.
Caligiasis in the Chilean Salmon Farming Industry
Provides information on this parasitic disease which affects marine fish off the coast of Chile.
Cold Water Vibriosis
Provides information on this disease, also called Hitra disease, its transmission, the external and internal signs, prevention and management.
Diseases and Parasites in Farmed Salmon
This article argues that a large number of farmed fish in a small area provides ideal conditions for parasites and infectious diseases which may then spread to adjacent farms and to wild fish. [PDF]
First Live-Attenuated Vaccine for S. iniae in Development
Article describing how researchers have demonstrated the feasibility of using a live-attenuated vaccine to prevent this deadly infection.
How Would you Recognise Pancreas Disease on your Farm?
Outlines the basis for the diagnosis of PD and provides guidance in distinguishing it from IPN, CMS and HSMI.
Journal of Fish Diseases
Archive of abstracts with full peer-reviewed articles available by online subscription or single article purchase.
Kidney Diseases: Mycobacterial Infection and Nocardiosis
Provides images of stained sections of diseased tissue showing the bacteria involved.
Nocardia Disease
Provides information on this bacterial infection of warm-water fish, its transmission, signs and prevention.
Pancreas Disease
Provides information on this important disease of European farmed Atlantic salmon, its transmission, the external and internal signs, prevention and management.
Provides information on this disease, sometimes known as Salmon Rickettsial Syndrome, its transmission, external and internal signs, management and prevention.
Streptococcosis results from infection by gram-positive cocci, such as the bacterium Lactococcus garvieae. This article provides information on the clinical signs, epidemiology, diagnostic methods, control and treatment of the disease.
A bacterial disease of salt-water and migratory fish, and the severity of vibriosis has increased proportionately with the development and expansion of fish farming world-wide. It has a global distribution with epizootics on all continents and a wide range of fish.
Vibriosis and Luminal Bacterial Disease
Provides information on this serious disease of shrimps caused by bacterial pathogens belonging to the genus Vibrio, its transmission and epidemiology, external and internal signs and prevention.
Whirling Disease
Provides information on this disease, the species affected, its transmission, prevention and research findings.
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