This category is for small animal practitioners (veterinarians and others) of complementary and alternative healing methods which are alternatives to the western scientific/medicine (allopathic) remedies. Small animals include dogs, cats and other small mammal companion animals, except horses and other large animals or livestock, birds, reptiles and amphibians. This category is intended for educative, service-oriented, non-commercial sites (although commercial sites with valuable educative content will be considered).

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All Good Pets, Inc.
A mobile veterinary clinic dedicated to preserving and enhancing the human-animal bond.
Animal Wellness Center
Huntington, NY based clinic providing acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathy services; includes profile, products, and testimonials
Aspen Park Veterinary Hospital
Full service veterinary care in Aspen Park, Conifer, Bailey and Evergreen Colorado. Also Offering acupuncture and alternative care as optional opportunities.
Four Winds Holistic Animal Services
Small animal Veterinarian and Reiki Master Sandra Priest provides information on chiropractic, Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique (BEST), Logan Basic, flower essences, herbology, homeopathy, nutrition and reiki. Located in Knoxville, Tennessee.
HomeVet Natural Pet Care
Jeff Feinman, VMD, holistic health care practitioner for dogs and cats in Connecticut. Information about homeopathy, nutritional therapy, acupuncture, herbs, kidney disease, heart disease, urinary tract disease, dental disease, obesity and arthritis.
A full service holistic veterinary hospital located in the Puget Sound region. Dr. Jackie Obando, owner and primary doctor at MercyVet, founded her clinic with the goal of providing the best western medicine principles with the holistic approach of eastern and nontraditional medicine.
Natural Holistic Pet Care
Details on holistic care for pets including homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition, phone consultations, and referrals, from a veterinary practice in Miami Beach, Florida.
Pamela Fisher: Holistic Veterinary Practice
This veterinary practice in North Canton OH offers natural pet care in many alternative modalities and features an online pet store with natural toys, organic bedding, food, supplements and accessories.
The Whole Dog
Dedicated to natural/alternative health care for dogs. Education, consultations and all natural products. Includes a weblog, forum, articles, and contact information. Based in Cottonwood, California.
Wilner Veterinary Consult
Unlimited phone consultation time with a veterinarian experienced in conventional and alternative medicine, for an unbiased second opinion.
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