This category is for practitioners (veterinarians and others) of complementary and alternative healing methods which are alternatives to the western scientific/medicine (allopathic) remedies, and treat horses, mules, donkeys and other equine animals. This category is intended for educative, service-oriented, non-commercial sites (although commercial sites with valuable educative content will be considered).
Equitherm Training Ltd.
Provides an expert consultancy service in equine thermographic infrared imaging for the identification of injuries, illness and trauma. Also runs certified training courses in equine thermography. Suffolk, UK.
Harmany Equine
Educational materials for the horse owner, as well as the veterinary community become more educated in complementary and alternative medical therapies (CAVM). Information on acupuncture and chiropractic.
Help with your Horse
Provides answers and helps solve problems about equine health and behavior. Offers horse chiropractic, behavior modification and body balancing in Central Alberta, Canada.
Holly Davis: Centaur Therapies
Provides a biography of Holly and information on the services she offers in animal communication, healing and animal assisted therapy.[Wales,UK]
Los Laureles Equine Rehabilitation Center
Offers an underwater treadmill and European walker as well as ice boots. Works with veterinarians to bring horse back to full fitness. Carmel Valley, California.
Norman Hyett: Equine Bowen Therapist and Saddle Fitter
Holistic complementary and alternative therapist working in the UK and South Africa. Also offers using Reiki, Shiatsu, reflexology and acupressure.
On Track Physiotherapy Ltd
Kate Hesse is a chartered veterinary physiotherapist based in Newmarket, UK, and offers equine physiotherapy services. Includes information on her experience and the services offered.
Samsara Equitation
Center for the treatment and rehabilitation of horses, particularly with permanent lameness, using a holistic approach and a natural oil for treating deep muscle injuries.
Offers the Bowen Technique for equines, canines and people. Based in Essex, UK. Find details about the therapy, articles, contact information and a forum.
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