This category explores animal health related issues related to energy healing.
Some forms of energy healing, including magnet therapy and light therapy, use forms of energy accepted by the scientific community, though these healers may still make claims that are not supported by evidence.
Other forms of energy healing involve supposed but unproven energy fields. These include acupuncture, qi gong, Reiki, therapeutic touch, crystals and distant healing. Advocates of these therapies make claims of energies of an unclear nature, where not only the claim of healing virtue is unsubstantiated, but also the alleged energy itself.

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Circle of Healing Purrs
Forum for prayers and healing energies especially for cats.
Energy Medicine LLC
Dr. Paula J. Wilson offers integrative energy medicine, naturopathy, radionic broadcasting and distance healing. Also offers a handheld electronic homeothapy device for sale.
Healing Touch for Animals and Komitor Healing Method
Energy-based healing method that bridges holistic animal healthcare with traditional veterinary medicine. For all animals: horses, dogs, cats, birds, exotic animals. Workshops, books, and products.
The Spirit of Animals
Provides articles on spirit animals and energy healing for animals.
Spirits Evolving Animal Healing Circle
Adding animals to the healing circle for you or your pet.
Stratton School of Animal and Horse Healing
Touching Spirit Center is an educational center in the science of energy medicine and the art of spiritual healing.
Tellington TTouch Training
Provides information on the TTouch method based on circular movements of the fingers and hands all over the body and its use in companion animals and horses. Also events, training, a worldwide directory of practitioners and a newsletter.
Tellington TTouch Training
Provides information on this approach to animal training with a calendar of events and a list of practitioners in Canada.
Yahoo! Groups: Tellington Training
Official discussion list of the TTouch organization.
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