Health Alternative Meditation Individualized Instruction
These sites offer personalized, individual training in meditation, not just books and tapes. Meditation, as a state of consciousness, can't be "taught," but it can be "caught." Personalized training is the only reliable way to learn it. The teacher offers step-by-step instructions. Meditation unfolds in levels or stages, and the method must be modified for each stage. The student reports on his/her progress. The teacher asks questions. The student asks questions. Both must be extremely honest in conveying their experience, not opinions. The teacher is skillful in guiding the student around the obstacles in their psychic space, and also has a direct influence on the student's meditation by an intervention the teacher performs called "opening the window." When successful, the student gains access to experiences that were previously unimaginable or dismissed as fantasy. Yet the memory of the state now regained is what drew the student all along.
Arthur D. Saftlas, Meditation teacher
Guidance into meditation. Counseling on choosing a meditation and encouragement on the path less travelled. Larkspur (San Francisco Bay Area), California.
Non-denominational, not-for-profit organization devoted to helping individuals move along the path to spiritual awakening. Workshops, meditations in California with Gregory Penn. Audio files from radio show.
Complete Self Attunement
Offers meditation therapy via practitioners throughout the US, self healing, spiritual growth, retreats and meditation tapes.
Creative Earth
Conduct classes and private sessions in Meditation in Toronto, Canada.
Danielle Spring - Vibrational Healer
Services include Reiki treatments and courses, crystal healing, chakra balancing and guided meditation.
Dedicated Life Institute
Supports spiritual exploration and growth and is dedicated to making the principles and practices of Buddhism and the essence teachings of many traditions accessible. (Newton, MA)
Hazelden: Thought for the Day
New inspirational thought posted every day to lift your spirits, and keep your recovery program on track.
How to Meditate
Provides an explanation of how and why to meditate. Information on Buddhist meditations.
Inspired Wisdom - The Work of Dr. Ron Scolastico
A spiritual psychologist, mystic, author and artist who teaches meditation and gives spiritual readings. (Woodland Hills, CA)
Jeeta K’inan
A meditation guide and energy reader based in England. Requires Flash.
Natural Meditation Initiatives
Presents meditation in a culturally neutral format and offers a free self-paced Internet course in meditation.
Stress Defense
Stress and energy management programs including, meditation, yoga, tai chi, and Qi Qong. (New York)
Stress Reduction
A multifaceted approach that includes relaxation, meditation, exercise, appropriate medication, herbal remedies, and perhaps even magnetic healing. Information on activities including therapy weekends and retreats.
Touch Your Heart
Offer self awareness courses and spiritual retreats which help in stress management, in Australia and New Zealand.
Training in Power Academy
Courses and workshops in meditation and energy healing techniques. Includes course descriptions, annual calendar, brochures.
Transformation Meditation
Earn a living while teaching meditation and give the gift of improved health, inner peace and fulfilment. Certificate of achievement is awarded upon completion. Home study course.
Zen Entrepreneur
For those interested in meditation, entrepreneurship, mysticism and career success.
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