This service is provided at the customer's place of employment. It may be a chair massage, where the massage is given through the clothing, using no oils or lotions. Alternatively the practitioner may bring along a massage table for a standard treatment.

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20-Minute Vacation
National provider of chair massage specializing in tradeshows and events.
Able Hands Mobile Massage
Chair massage therapy in the workplace. Specializing in calls centers, as well as employee recognition and incentives.
The Back Rub Company
Provides research and information, and details of services to rejuvenate and re-energize employees within the workplace using massage and other complementary therapies.
Bakersfield Mobile Massage
Provides information about the therapeutic benefits of massage and includes details about contact the therapist for a home or office visits.
Provides chair massage throughout the United States for corporations and corporate events.
Centered Presence, Ltd.
On-site chair massage serving the Pittsburgh area. Company helps reduce stress in the workplace.
Cloud Nine Chair Massage
Company provides relaxing, refreshing corporate on-site chair massage to companies throughout the Bay Area.
Earthmagic On-Site Chair Massage
Specializes in on-site chair massage services for corporate wellness programs and for corporate and private events including golf tournaments, seminars, and trade shows.
Employee Energizer Chair Massage
Providing chair massage, wellness fairs, and wellness programs for corporations, organizations, and special events. Our wellness fairs encompass a variety of modalities including massage, yoga, reflexology, and personal trainers.
Infinite Massage
Offers on-site services in the workplace, at conventions, trade shows and events nationwide.
Massage at Work
On-site chair massage services offered Canada-wide. Specializing in workplace stress relief, special events and in-home.
Massage At Work LLC
Site provides information about massage therapies and online reservations to book a massage treatment.
Massage On Wheels
Onsite massage services, offering chair massage for office, golf tournaments, and other events. Includes information about wellness and stress relief.
On The Spot Massage
Provides relaxation stations and chair massages for companies and events.
San Francisco Massage Works
An on-site chair massage service offering services at businesses, trade shows, events, and conventions, throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
Saratoga Chair Massage Associates
Providing on-site massage and wellness seminars.
Stress Recess, Inc.
Provider of chair massage for businesses in the United States and Eastern Canada.
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