Alex Lattanzi
Practitioner/instructor based in Milan, Italy. Includes training in trauma resolution.
Bodywork by Karen Casino
Practitioner providing sessions in Berkeley, California.
Bruce C. Stark
Advanced practitioner/instructor offers information on classes, sessions, events and training in Australia and New Zealand. Includes course descriptions.
DSW Services
Workshops, sessions, and demonstrations are offered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Information on personal versus professional use.
Elizabeth Beeson
Instructor offers classes in Las Cruces, NM and throughout the US. Includes personal history.
Ellen Lewis
Practitioner in Berkeley, California, offers sessions, training background, original therapeutic perspectives and adjunct work.
Equine Positional Release
Advanced practitioner focuses on equine sessions and training in Australia.
Hands On Ortho-Bionomy
Practice in Boise, Idaho, features session and treatment information, photos, biography and links.
Health Dimensions: Comfort Zone
Overview of Ortho-Bionomy by Bruce C. Stark.
John French
Practitioner offers description of services, photos, rates and online appointments options in Gainesville, Florida.
Kate Sciandra - The Healing Presence
Instructor provides information on her practice and classes in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.
Larisa Noonan, LMT
Practitioner offering bodywork sessions in Portland, OR that focus on pain resolution. Provides a self help e-book on headaches.
One Body Touchworks
Instructor provides classes and client sessions in Asheville, North Carolina.
Ortho-Bionomy Canada
National site with contact information for practitioners and details of courses and events.
Ortho-Bionomy New Zealand
National organization provides training information, members, code of ethics and merchandise.
Revealing The Body's Messages
Terri Julianelli has offices in Berkeley and Walnut Creek, California. Includes focus on somatic trauma resolution.
Society of Ortho-Bionomy Australia
National organization provides class schedules, local contacts and certification information.
Society of Ortho-Bionomy International
International organization includes definitions, practitioner and instructor directory listings, and instructional availability.
The Sun Center
Ann Hoeffel offers training and session in Chicago, Illinois.
Therapeutic Bodywork by Marla J. Moore
Provides details of sessions in Arlington Heights and Glenview, Illinois.
Tracy Gilliam
Offering sessions in Georgetown, Texas. Coordinates classes and provides study groups.

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