The Feldenkrais Method began to be developed by Moshe Feldenkrais during the Second World War. He began teaching it publicly in Israel in the 1960s. The aim is to teach through movement how to improve an individual's capabilities to function in his or her daily life.

Feldenkrais called his individual work 'Functional Integration' and his group work 'Awareness through Movement'. The individual work incorporates touch by the practitioner to create new movement and awareness possibilities. In the group work the Feldenkrais practitioner verbally guides the class through a sequence of movement sequences.

Subcategories 2

Bones For Life
Osteoporosis prevention and bone strengthening by Ruthy Alon. Contains listing of practitioners, videos and sample exercises.
Chava Shelhav
Contains tips, information about training programs, as well as theory and products.
Feldenkrais Institute of Somatic Education
Provides training programs and workshops in Canada and the U.S. Contains links to articles, workshops and training.
Institute for the Study of Somatic Education
Providing practitioner and teacher certification workshops in the USA and Europe.
Mind Body Study (MBS) Academy
Descriptions of Mia Segal's Feldenkrais-based training and workshops. Contains links to products, training descriptions and video samples.
Mind in Motion
Listing of international training, post-graduate workshops as well as public classes and articles on the method.
Movement Educators
Offers training programs in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Denver. Includes instructor biographies, calendar, details on the courses.
OpenATM Project
Free awareness through movement lessons in MP3 format to stream and download and do at home.
Pregnant Pauses
The Feldenkrais Method movement lessons at the service of pregnant mothers to be.
Training, workshops, articles and interviews by Denis Leri in San Rafael, California.
Uncommon Sensing LLC
Alan Questel is known for his clarity, creativity and down to earth style of teaching Feldenkrais Movement lessons.

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