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Care & Cure
Gives details about Dr.Joy treatment of skin and ENT diseases.
Centre for Education and Research in Classical Homoeopathy
CERCH was conceived in 1993 with an aim of providing a better understanding of the potential of homoeopathy and uplifting the general standard of homoeopathic. Practice located in Kottayam.
Dilli Homoeopathic Anusandhan Parishad
It was established as an autonomous body on 1st July 1998 to initiate, aid, develop and co-ordinate research activities in Homoeopathy. The site provides information on research in various conditions along with online consultation form.
Dr Batra's Positive Health Clinic
Provides information on multiple locations of the clinics along with treatment plans available.
Dr Online Homeopathic Clinic
The site provides cases, research papers published by Dr. Nanduri.
Dr. Abhay Talwalkar Homoeopathic Healing center
Lists cases, articles, treatment offered by Dr. Abhay Talwalkar and Dr. Manoti Talwalkar from Nira, Pune.
Dr. Joshi's Homeopathic Care
Provides information on seminars, treatment offered by Dr.Shachindra Joshi and Dr.Bhawisha Joshi from Vile Parle, Mumbai.
Dr. Jugal Kishore’s Clinics
Dr. Jugal Kishore’s and Dr. Arvind Kishore’s homeopathic clinic. Offering homeopathic treatment for common human ailments as well as veterinary ailments.
Dr. Meenal Sohani, Consulting Homoeopath
Provides information on stress management workshops and parenting sessions organized by Dr. Sohani at Pune.
Dr. Nandita Shah, Classical Homoeopath
Lists upcoming seminars and write ups by Dr. Nandita Shah. The clinic located at Tamil Nadu, India.
Dr. P. Banerji's Advanced Homeopathic Healthcare Centre
Provides information on diseases, homeopathy and treatment offered by Dr. Pareshnath Banerji , Dr. Parimal Banerji, Dr. Paramesh Banerji - three generations of homeopaths practicing at Kolkata.
Dr. Patel's Homeopathy
Provides information on viral infections, diabetes, skin conditions and respiratory conditions. The clinic is located at Baroda.
Dr. Prafull Vijaykar, Consulting Homeopath
Provides information on homeopathic treatment of chronic diseases.
Dr. Sankaran's Clinic
The site lists articles, cases, upcoming seminars, courses, information of the clinic managed by Dr. Rajan Sankaran from Juhu, Mumbai.
DrKothares' Homeopathic Healing Centre
The site gives details of Dr. Kothare's style of homeopathic practice.
Healing Touch
The site lists curriculum vitae / bio-data of Dr. R. R. Kapur of Delhi.
Homeo Consult
Provides information on multiple ailments that can be treated with homeopathy. The information is contributed by Dr. Vaknalli.
Homoeopathic Information on Diseases
Lists information on multiple diseases that are commonly treated with homoeopathy.
Speciality Clinic for Homeopathy
Lists details about distant treatments. Diseases section includes causes, symptoms of common conditions.
Sushanti Homeopathic Clinic
Dr Nitin Dhole offers email consultations and treatment options for chronic diseases. Maharashtra.
Vallabhassery Homoeopathic Clinic
Includes an overview of homeopathy, services offered in the clinic and a free feedback form-based consultation.
Veterinary Homoeopathy
Information on health care of livestock, pets and equestrian with homeopathic way of treatment, use of homeopathy in the field of veterinary sciences.
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