From time immemorial music, chanting and vibration have been used to heal and uplift humankind. Sound is universal, working without words, deeply affecting body, mind and spirit.

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BioSonic Sound Healing Enterprises
Sound healing pioneer Dr. John Beaulieu, naturopath, musician and psychologist, whose scientifically-based research and teaching have been instrumental in expanding music therapy and vibrational healing fields.
DreamWeaving: Musical Massage
Sound healing with the DreamWeaver, a multidimensional vibroacoustic audio environment which gives an extraordinary musical massage. Uses music, cymatics, and sacred geometry which creates a healing energy field.
EnTrance Ways
Peter Blum, C.Ht., MSC. Information, workshops and examination of healing through sound, music and hypnosis. Woodstock, New York.
Harmonic Healing - Judith Lynne
Sound healer, professional singer, and ordained minister. Has studied extensively the physical, emotional, and energetic production of the voice. Vocal energetics, holistic healing, sound healing, and workshops.
Healing Chants
Norma Gentile, natural clairvoyant energy healer. Healing with sound through the Heart of Light, a living compassion. Recordings, workshops, private healing.
Healing Sounds
Sound healing training and workshops with Jonathan Goldman, director of the Sound Healers Association.
Sound as medicine. FAQs on sound healing. Kapaa, Hawaii.
Inner Soulutions LLC
Dynamic, interactive and experiential lectures, workshops and healing sessions focused on sound and energy healing.
The Inner Spa Experience
Advanced energy and sound healing. Dorothea Joyce. Michigan.
Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, LLC
Describes the Acutonic system and its application, with details of classes, training, and product sales. Llano de San Juan, New Mexico.
MedSon Research Centre
Use sound and music to alleviate suffering. Emmanuel Comte, Director. Multilingual site. Touch by Sounds sonology workshops. Valcourt, Quebec, Canada.
The Order of the Blue Star
Workshops, lectures and teachings by Christopher Tims on longevity, health, vitality and the use of sound and its implications on the physical and spiritual being. Hot Springs, Arkansas.
The Sill of the Door
Explanation of sound healing, non invasive, subtle and powerful.
Sound Energy Healing
Georgeann Hudson uses vibrational sound for healing. Charlotte, North Carolina.
Sound Health
Non-profit, educational research institute founded by Sharry Edwards dedicated to the field of Human BioAcoustics. Classes and workshops available.
Sound Spirit
Therapeutic sound and movement workshops. Sacred sounds, chants and overtones, chi-kung movements, meditation. James D'Angelo. London, England, UK.
Sounds of Sirius
Lia Scallon is the channel for the Sounds of Sirius. Sound healing workshops available. Port Douglas, QLD, Australia.
Tryshe Dhevney offers workshops working with the human voice for healing. Personal consultation available.
Courses, workshops and therapies. Anne Nash and Lyz Cooper, founders. United Kingdom.
The Temple of Sound
Experience the healing power of sound, with Michael Moon. Meditation music and shamanic rock and roll, features music and information on sound healing.
Voice of the Rose
Susan Elizabeth Hale is director of the Voice of the Rose: Songkeeper Apprenticeship Program. Offers training in toning, sound healing and song circles.
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