For individuals or companies teaching the Alexander Technique in the United States.

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Private and group classes with Kate Kobak in New York City.
The Alexander Learning Studio of Portland, Oregon
Lessons with Christine Eidson, AmSAT certified teacher.
Alexander Technique
Lessons with Stephanie Segers, certified teacher in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
The Alexander Technique
Lessons, classes and dressage workshops with Constance Clare, AmSAT certified teacher. Based in Oakland, California.
The Alexander Technique
Teacher in Newton, Massachusetts provides brief descriptions and information on how it is taught as well as useful links.
The Alexander Technique
Certified teacher Lauri Elizabeth offers lessons in Portland, Oregon. Includes biography and background information.
Alexander Technique Center
Lessons and classes in Washington D.C. with Marian Goldberg, certified teacher.
Alexander Technique Center for Performance and Development
Lessons and classes with Tom Vasiliades, certified teacher, in New York City.
Alexander Technique in Newton, MA
Private practice of Jill Geiger, certified by AmSAT and STAT.
Alexander Technique NYC
Alexander Technique classes in New York by Leland Vall, certified instructor.
Alexander Technique Pittsburgh
Lessons, classes, and workshops with Lonna Wilkerson and Lisa Levinson. Features photographs, FAQ, class schedules, and biographies.
Alexander Technique San Francisco
Fumi Sasa offers classes in California, New Mexico, and Japan, with program details and testimonials.
Alexander Technique Studio
Lessons with Dana Ben-Yehuda in Mountain View, California.
Alexander Technique Teachers of Greater Washington
A coalition of instructors in the District of Columbia, USA. Includes state lists and workshop details.
Alexander Technique with Dominique Jacques
Individual lessons and group classes in San Diego, Berkeley and Mexico City. Includes an event timetable, an FAQ and a section on working with the voice.
Alexander Technique, Ergonomics and Performance
Dory Steinmetz offers classes in Santa Monica, California, with FAQ and suggested applications.
Alexander Techworks
Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad offer private and group classes in Los Angeles. Includes background information and contact details.
The American Center for the Alexander Technique, Inc
Training center for teachers in New York City.
Ariel Weiss Holyst
Classes in Philadelphia and Morton, Pennsylvania. Includes biography and contact details.
The Body Project
Lessons in San Francisco and Berkeley with Certified Instructor Elyse Shafarman.
George I. Lister and Sally Porter Munro
Offering a three-year program in Palo Alto, California. Includes background information and course details.
Integrated Motion Studio
Group or private lessons in Hadley, Massachusetts. Instructor Molly B. Johnson describes her background and provides information about the Alexander Technique.
Jeff Tessler
Certified teacher. Includes profile, details of technique and information about T'ai Chi classes. Locations in Illinois and Indianapolis.
John Baron
Offers private lessons in Sausalito, California. Includes biography.
Laura Klein
Certified teacher gives private lessons and group classes in Berkeley, California. Includes workshop details and description of methods.
Michael Hanko
Certified teacher in New York City presents benefits and explanation of the technique, as well as fee schedule and testimonials.
Neils Home Studio
Lessons with Neil Schapera, certified teacher. Cincinnati, Ohio.
New York Center for the Alexander Technique
Laurie Kline and Michael Ostrow are certified teachers in Manhattan. Includes FAQ and workshop details.
Saint Louis Center for the Alexander Technique
Lessons and workshops are offered by Katherine Mitchell in Missouri.
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