Mighty resources to help you quit smoking: information, support, groups, people who have been there, methods, tips, quitting aids. Nicotine is chemically as addictive as cocaine, but people do quit cocaine. It isn't easy. But these resources can help.

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American Cancer Society: Stay Away from Tobacco
Information on how to stop smoking or quit using smokeless tobacco, options for help, and tips for after quitting.
Arizona Smokers' Helpline
Offers research-based toll-free telephone outreach and support service to Arizona residents who are trying to quit tobacco and remain tobacco-free. Includes information on the effects of using tobacco and online email help from a certified counselor.
British Heart Foundation Smoking Microsite
"Give up before you clog up" campaign provides information about the damage caused by smoking whilst giving advice and guidance on methods for stopping smoking.
The California Smokers' Helpline
A telephone program designed to help people kick the habit. Free of charge.
Committed Quitters
Designed to work along with your patch or gum to help you quit smoking for good. Sponsored by the patch/gum manufacturer.
Dr. Jeff's Quit Commit Program
Aims to help people of all ages to quit smoking cigarettes or stop using other forms of tobacco. Tools, resources, information, links and support for people to kick the habit.
Free Web-based Smoking Cessation Study
A web-based intervention and clinical trial to help people quit smoking, developed by researchers at the University of California.
Getting Quit
"It is indeed the hardest thing many people (including myself) have done...however it can be done" Why quit; why it's so hard; besides the addiction to nicotine, what keeps me smoking? methods of quitting; products; what if I relapse; secondhand smoke.
Help for Tobacco Addiction
Effects, quitting information, questions and answers, secondhand smoke. "If Tobacco does not kill you it makes your life a living hell."
Hospital Ipoh Quit Clinic
Free quit-smoking education and counselling.
Interesting wrinkle: provides a web-based email address yourname@i-quit-smoking.com in connection with their quitsmoking.com bulletin board. Don't look here for critical evaluation of the products they sell. But reasonable free section of advice and support.
Interactive Life Zone
Tips for quitting smoking. Information on the effects of smoking.
Joe Chemo: A Camel Who Wishes He'd Never Smoked
Test your tobacco IQ, get a Smoke-o-Scope, tips on quitting and contact details.
MedlinePlus: Smoking Cessation
Resources from the U.S. National Library of Medicine.
My Fight for My Life
A personal, health related reason to quitting smoking. Philosophy based on the Serenity Prayer.
NASA - Smoking Cessation
NASA's occupational health program pulls together a lot of resources on quitting.
PhlexTeck's Quit Smoking Support and Information
Personal website; information and support for people who want to stop smoking.
Quit Smokeless Organization
When you're ready to quit, find the resources here that you need to kick the can. Information and support from people who've been there.
Quit Smoking Links
Resources to help you succeed.
Quit4 Life
Interactive web presentation explores how different people quit. In English and French languages.
Providing tools, information, and support, including message boards, chat rooms, interactive questionnaires, and personalized quitting suggestions.
Smoke-Free Zone
Environmental and health reasons to quit smoking, especially for college students, provided by a concerned professor.
A free resource including quit coaches and quit plans supporting those wishing to quit smoking or chewing tobacco.
Smokenders Australia website
Instructional and group program; claims 92% success rate, but doesn't mention how or when that number was arrived at. The usual testimonials.
Smoking Cessation by About.com
Provides tips, articles, and success stories.
Smoking Cessation, Quality of Life, and Older Persons
Information on and access to materials concerning smoking cessation, the effects of smoking cessation on the health of older persons, and the value of healthy lifestyles for older persons.
Smoking: A Quitter's Tale
The power of suggestion, plus $39 and a little willpower, help our intrepid reporter kick the habit.
Tales From the Quit
A collection of essays, stories, rambles, and rants written during the author's first year of freedom from smoking. Offers quit tips, insight, humor, and hope.

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