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CDC's TIPS: Tobacco Information and Prevention Source
Maintained by the CDC's Office on Smoking and Health. Covers tobacco-related issues, statistics, news, research, data, reports, quitting tips, educational materials, publications, . Also sections dedicated to youth.
'Impact Booster': Tobacco Firm Shows How Ammonia Spurs Delivery of Nicotine
1996 Pulitzer prize-winning reporting on how the tobacco industry uses ammonia to engineer cigarettes for addiction.
Ammonia Added to Cigarettes Can Significantly Boost Availability of Nicotine
Independent research confirms that ammonia added to cigarettes can boost the availability of nicotine up to 100 times.
Cancer Facts and Figures
Concise summary from the American Cancer Society of tobacco use, cigarettes, trends in smoking, profiling smokers, costs of tobacco, nicotine addiction, secondhand smoke, spit tobacco, and industrial hazards.
eMedicine - Nicotine Addiction
Medical facts on the physiology of nicotine addiction, and the effect tobacco products have on the brain, lungs, and other vital organs, and a treatment options section.
Good Health -- Healthy Lifestyle
This site is dedicated to convincing people to live a healthy lifestyle, to improve their quality of life, and avoid (or reduce the severity of) chronic disease.
Infofax - Cigarettes and Other Nicotine Products
NIH short summary of nicotine effects.
Quit Victoria
"Tobacco smoking is the single most important cause of ill health and premature death in Australia." Not just quitting information -- health questions answered; effects of cigarettes; quit evaluation studies; information in languages other than English; smokefree workplaces and dining.
Reducing the Addictiveness of Cigarettes
Can cigarettes be made less addictive? Scientific paper examines the question.
Report of the UK Scientific Committee on Tobacco and Health
Report covers the scientific evidence on active smoking, passive smoking, nicotine addiction, price and marketing of cigarettes and other tobacco products, cessation, key conclusions.
Research Report: Nicotine Addiction
Information from the National Institute on Drug Abuse about nicotine, addiction, the extent and impact of tobacco use, how nicotine delivers its effect, consequences of continued use, treatments, and gender differences.
Smoking And Tobacco Factsheets
From the Missouri Health Department, a large set of factsheets on cigarettes, tobacco advertising, health effects, and secondhand smoke.
TCSG - Tobacco and The Elderly
Papers and factsheets on: tobacco and minorities, state tobacco settlement funds, tobacco and older persons.
Tobacco BBS
Cigarettes, tobacco, and smoking-related news and issues, addresses, tobacco history, information on quitting, and a quote of the day section.
Tobacco Control Online
A quarterly scientific journal covering all aspects of tobacco use prevention and control.
Offers smoking cessation tips, research results, and tips for staying smoke free.
Education campaign covers cigarettes, smoking and other tobacco products.
WHO Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)
A WHO cabinet project created to focus international attention, resources and action on global tobacco use and problems caused by that use.
WhyQuit - Cold Turkey Quitting
A support group and education forum dedicated exclusively to the science and art of successful abrupt nicotine cessation.
"Crack" Nicotine in Cigarettes Varies Widely
New research measures amount of free-base nicotine in "the modern cigarette, a highly engineered nicotine delivery device". (July 28, 2003)
OncoLink: The Control and Manipulation of Nicotine and Cigarettes
1994 news article. Kessler report on how the tobacco industry controls and manipulates nicotine in its product. (June 21, 1994)

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